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  • Hi Heather,

    Thanks for your lovely message. I didn't know about the "extras" VIP came with until yesterday. DOH! Your abode is lovely so don't be sending QVC requests for furniture. :tongue2:
    I wasn't really a doggy person as the last time I had a dog I was a child so I did fret for ages that I was doing the right thing for both her & I before I bought her but now I can't imagine life without her.
    I would love to be your friend :flower:and have sent you the message thing! Enjoy your shopping. I'm v jealous as we have had severe flooding here and parts of the roads are blocked along with a grey, miserable day.

    Take Care x
    P.S. Can't tempt you to be a Haroldite can I? You know you want to:giggle:
    Hi Eva, nice of you to pop into my humble abode. I know it's sparsely furnished, but it's all paid for. Now if QVC did furniture..............
    How are you doing? It's strange to think we were lurkers, then newbie posters together and now I feel as if we've been here forever!
    It's our weekly shopping-for-groceries trip today as Hubby has Fridays off so I won't be around much until later. I'd love it if you'd be my 'friend' but don't want to appear sad or desperate so I'll leave it up to you to make the request and if you don't, I won't be offended.........just sad and desperate...:sad:
    I'm not a dog person, in that I've always had cats so know very little about dogs, but yours is so cute-looking.
    I'm off to dry my hair and try out my Mally TSV which arrived yesterday,
    Love, heather xxxxx
    Thanks K x Good thing she can't read or she'd be getting a big head! Love your pic. My doodle loves cats but sadly when she gets close they normally shoot off. My friends cat is made of sterner stuff and stays put. My doodle then starts the bot in the air/ front legs flat on ground shuffle then runs off when Sooty comes close! She's a Wussssssssss........x
    Love your doggie Eva, just gorgeous.
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