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    Model Anna (Anne’s DIL)

    I see her now but I have to say I’ve not really seen her much!
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    I sort of already guessed tgey were all pics of you. My goodness your son is your double. I love boats.
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    How long before QVC sell this Dyson?

    How lucky you are to have one of those 👍👍👍🤓
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    How long before QVC sell this Dyson?

    Dyson married Deirdre Hindmarsh in 1968.[1] They have three children; two sons and a daughter.[1] In 2003, Dyson paid £15 million[citation needed] for Dodington Park,[69] a 300-acre (1.2 km2) Georgian estate in South Gloucestershire close to Chipping Sodbury. He and his wife own Domaine des...
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    Ruth Langsford New Range

    I don’t personally see the attraction of the LR range. Now as I have said I never watch daytime TV but this morning it is Eamon and Ruth, to be honest it is largely because they have a relaxed style, Eamon is down to earth. I loathe Loose Women so never watch and this goes right back to when...
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    Ruth Langsford New Range

    One of my highlights on a Saturday morning is James Martin, my tv switches to that channel because I have set it to do so. Last Saturday it switched early and I cought an bit of what appeared to me to be a less than happy James Martin as guest chef on TM, the embarrassing, and for me...
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    Ruth Langsford New Range

    I have no idea why Ruth and Eamon have been dropped or perhaps they decided to leave, but all I can say is that I never watch TM unless it is these two who are on. I think they are excellent presenters together.
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    Julia Roberts and Valentines Day

    I have thought this for years, when she was also talking to us about her wedding after 40 odd years told me she needed some kind of affirmation, which is sad really.
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    Absolutely agree because I have great recall, and not every presenter gets items to road test so they can sell. To imply that is the stuff of nonsense, seriously pisses me off, they must think we are idiots! When was the last time you heard most of the females or the men apart from Craig...
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    Cozee Home New Items

    This is a brand I absolutely hate, and would never buy! Therefore I won’t watch.
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    Yes but I have to reiterate, this is an American company, therefore QVC here is run on American conditions and standards. Not good!
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    I think the vendors do not do these give aways, I believe strongly that it is QVC,
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    Another thing very important to me is the ‘made in” if I can help it I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER, buy anything made totally or partly “made in China” I just wish others were the same😡😡😡
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    In The Kitchen TSV 16/02/21


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