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    Skechers TSV 20/05/21

    as visually appealing as haemorrhoids on a baboons butt! It’s a big no from me !
  2. OokeyKat

    Liz Earle TSV 20/6/21

    I bought last years TSV, the cleanse and polish fragrance was hardly noticeable and the eye cream was very drying on my eyes. I do love the moisturiser, my skin always looks better using it!
  3. OokeyKat

    QVC Confirm Bye Bye Decleor

    Loved decleor before they messed with the formulas ... dropping the brand was inevitable !
  4. OokeyKat

    Gatineau TSV 28/3/21

    I need some toning I’m sagging in all sort of places in my advanced age!
  5. OokeyKat

    Elemis TSV 19/03/21

    Could be tempted, pending price!
  6. OokeyKat

    Perricone TSV 19/01/21

    not for me! I’ve tried some of the items in this TSV before and didn’t really see a difference in my skin. Maybe I had less reactive skin last year when I tired it but then again I wasn’t leaving the house much or wearing make up. The moisturiser was quite nice, it lasted me ages. Was the same...
  7. OokeyKat

    Liz Earle TSV 13/12/20

    Hmm I’m very tempted. I’ve had 2 fragrance TSV s in the past and have liked the 2 perfumes ive tried so far so might try another!
  8. OokeyKat

    Aldi Christmas Food Storage Boxes

    I got these today! boxes are very sturdy! The largest box is 7” ... I was hoping for 8 but hey it will do !
  9. OokeyKat

    L'Occitane TSV 14/11/20

    Initially was excited about this but the value does not seem that impressive. The soap, mini shower gel and 20ml cream are fillers and more like a sample selection. There is 20% off L'Occitane website Black Friday but I’m just not ‘feeling it’ this year , Christmas tsvs seem lacklustre and I...
  10. OokeyKat

    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    For a ”luxury spa range” the packaging looks so cheap! Not impressed with many of these Christmas beauty TSVs so far
  11. OokeyKat

    Perricone TSV 30/10/20

  12. OokeyKat

    Tarte TSV 1/11/20

    I saw a Insta post on the foundation by one of those women on qvc PR list. It covered her dark skin around her eyes and cold sore really well but looks quite ‘cakey’ I don’t like thick foundation on aging skin, it seems to make it worse it’s so it’s a no from me!
  13. OokeyKat

    Full of drama and wind!

    Full of drama and wind!
  14. OokeyKat

    Prai TSV 26/10/20

    Them bottle look like something I’d find in poundland.... scent of a woman...hmmm, today I smell of bleach, floor cleaner with a hint of dettol... wonder if it’s close to that?

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