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  • :hi: Margot, it is so lovely to hear from you again. :clapping:

    I'm sooooo cross because I posted a Christmas card on here for you last week and there's no sign of it. I can't think what happened unless I forgot to press 'post message' or someone else is wondering why I wrote 'just in case you pop in' :grin: ... anyway here it is again and now you'll probably end up with two.

    Freddie and Flossie are fine, thank you ... Freddie is such a good boy these days and Flossie is an adorable little minx lol. Have you still got your beautiful pussies? I'm afraid I seem unable to stay on the ol' wagon for more than a few weeks and am still buying regularly from Gems. I will email some photos of the woofers and my rings asap. I'd love to see some pics of your purchases and the rings you've had made because I know they'll be absolutely stunning and have me drooling.

    Love Ann xxx

    :hi: Oopsie

    Thank you so much for posting a message on my birthday.

    Tomorrow R and I are going over to Carlisle to bring home a little sister for Freddie :clapping:
    ... another mini Schnauzer but a white one this time. :happy:

    I've fallen off the wagon a few times since we last 'spoke' but no serious damage. :giggle:
    I finally got a Chameleon Tanzy ring (nowhere as lovely as yours but I'm happy with it)
    and a very pretty Indicolite & Diamond one from QVC .... I've wanted Indicolite for ages.

    Hope everything's OK with you and your pussy cats.

    Love A xxx
    Aww bummer about your holiday. :sad:

    Well ..... not totally gorgeous but very good for the dosh and a lot bigger than I expected. :nod: It's a very pretty blue but I'm not totally convinced it's particularly "chameleon" iywim .... will reserve judgement until I see it under different lighting conditions.

    Shame about yours CT... at least it gave you a giggle and you didn't really need another one :giggle: and it sounds as though your other pieces have made up for the disappointment.

    I was also very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the other 2 solitaires rings I got
    ... a 9k Petalite for £15.10 and 9k Green Tourmaline for £17.73 less 7%. :grin:

    Anyway, all keepers :clapping:

    What made me giggle was the four free jewellery cleaning cloths that had also been popped into the bag.

    Btw I've got a Sphene and Diamond ring in my Rocks' basket :blush: ... it's a size 5 and it's green rather than their usual banana coloured pieces.

    Ann xxx
    That's great. :clapping:

    I think if my order was your order I would've paid the extra postage too ... in fact I think I'm more excited about your order than mine. :giggle:

    Please, pretty please, .... just a quick message with your thoughts when it arrives. :cheeky:

    A xxx
    Haven't "seen" you for absolutely ages :sad: ..... hope you're OK.

    Ann xxx
    To my partner in bling, wishing you and "the one who spots windows" a very happy Christmas and New Year.

    Lots of love from me, "bad cut" and the midget! xxx

    To Ooopsie

    Best wishes to you and yours for a very Happy Christmas
    Hope it will be bling filled....I shall be getting a red diamond pendant ...woohoo!
    P xxxx

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