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  • Ooooo shopping for tiles, how exciting...........not but necessary unfortunately. The Christening should be about as much fun as Fred's family don't get on so goodness only knows what will happen. I am thinking of taking body armour just in case lol.
    Please let me know about the bear, lots of love Dawn xxx

    PS sorry I had to do it in two posts as it was too long. xx
    Awwwwwww Margot that is so kind of you, I will gladly send mine back but will only have it if you let me pay you for it. As for Rhiannon, what do you owe her a gift for? You are really just too kind! Ross is the Teddy Bear fiend lol he has them all on his bed and can barely get in himself. He has a couple of Steiff ones from previous BCC nights but he also loves the bears from The Bear Factory and has about 8 of those.

    Please let me know what you think of the Judith Williams range as i haven't tried any of hers. I didn't get on with the Sara Chapman range and it left me with very sore eyes. I am trying not to buy any beauty stuff until I use some of my stockpile lol but will not be able to resist the Smashbox TSV so am planing on having that for Christmas along with the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows which is just gorgeous.
    Hiya M
    I only wanted the Doctor bear but I saw them in Past Times so just got one there as it sold out too quickly on QVC. I didn't buy anything last night I just donated, I was tempted with the Judith Williams skincare but money is a bit tight at the moment so resisted. BCC night isn't as exciting as it used to be I don't think, it used to be such fun lol.
    Are you doing anything nice over the weekend? We are at a Christening on Sunday, my great niece!
    I love your avatar he is sooooo beautiful, I hope you are both well. Love Dawn. xxx
    Hi Margot

    Many thanks for the 'harvest' codes, hopefully I can put at least one of them to good use this month. Though 10% off the bigger spends would be very nice as well.

    I've been watching a bit of the pre-melt down clearances....though it took me a while to understand what 'pre-melt' actually meant! So many lovely Tanzanites, I'm drooling though most in WG and I would prefer a nice round cut in YG...for a very modest price...hum! What do you have in mind for your special one?

    While I remember, I received a Chameleon Tanzy from Gems y'day, its rather darker than in the link and in normal daylight, all I can see is a moving 'bow-tie' effect. The supposedly SI diamonds are also not really up to snuff. Am I correct /incorrect in thinking you already have one of this range and if so what is your opinion of them, if I may ask?
    Pamela xx
    Hiya M just popped in to say hello and I hope you are both keeping well. It's ages since we chatted so I do apologise I don't know where the time goes. It's Bossy's first day back to school so it's very quiet here and has given me time to catch up lol.
    Love Dawn. xx
    Hi again Margot

    Just a quick reply before popping out into the (rare) sunshine.......both pieces are very very pretty and the ring has three 5* reviews, but again its all down to the requisite amount of gold to support all these diamonds. I think the design of the ring is really feminine.

    But those earrings.......wow!...they are gorgeous and a bit of a price to boot, I'll bet. They look better than pink diamonds imho. I love Pink Tourmaline, its such a soft baby pink colour, p'haps we should be looking for rings in this gemstone instead. May have more luck. mysmilie_1436

    And many thanks for your nice comments on my 'keeper'.

    P xx
    Hi again Margot

    I really am very fussy :tongue2: as I've just also returned the 5 band 0.66ct pink & white diamond ring shown in Flossie's recent haul.. it was a bargain price with discount of less than £200! Beside being rather too big a style for me, the goldwork inside looked rather uneven in the two outer bands. I felt not enough gold was used to support nearly 100 diamonds.

    What I did keep from that small delivery last week was this Fancy Sapphire ring...http://www.gemstv.co.uk/Shop/productDataSheet.jsp?productid=UIE0806&menuselection=3&colourScheme=9

    In sunlight the vivid colours really bounce out and the goldwork is ample. The band at the back is almost as wide as the front.
    One of the cheaper of the range as the sapphire are round cut (40 of them) but colour grading is quite good in that limited space.
    My daughter loved it and she also was a bit iffy about the larger P&W ring above.

    Have we seen the other ring in your basket? (So nosey....:cheeky:)

    P xx
    Hi Margot

    I'm afraid its my turn to say 'Ooops' as I have returned that ring!!! Showed it to hubs and we both agreed that it looked rather flesh toned and didn't really stand out on my finger. But to give you an idea of the size, there's a photo of me wearing it in Meesh's thread ....Today's delivery - a mixed bag .....dated 24/7 and look in post 23. I would say it is smaller than a 5p piece. I was wearing the ring on my left hand , size L finger, for photo purposes.

    It is quite a flat design, but as you can see from the pics the pinkies sparkled nicely and the white baguettes were okay. I fully intended to keep the ring and then later had some doubts and showed it to Peter and he wasn't awfully keen. In fact I've just shown him the pics and he remembered this piece. However, I don't want to put you off as it may look fabulous on you and be just perfect.

    Pamela xx
    To be continued...
    Hi Margot, it was a pleasure finding that video of Capt JS...believe me, I enjoyed watching it also. Also many thanks for taking the time to peruse the album and for your lovely comments. Yes, I have to admit, I'm a bit of a coloured diamond fan and a fancy Sapphire one also. Delighted to hear your 'demented' earrings are superb, I have only the one ring,so thanks for the suggestion re. them making excellent earrings...hadn't thought of that!

    It was very enjoyable to browse through your lovely haul and see so many gorgeous pics, I bet the Pink sapphire pendant looks superb irl. Many thanks for sharing.

    Pamela xx
    Oooh Lyn is showing a beautiful RS necklace right now.......
    Oooo yes! Thank you for that information Oops. I thought earlier today perhaps I should've asked if any one had seen it sold previously and for how much! I generally run things by my DD and she hasn't had the opportunity to see it as yet, but I expect she'll approve! Pink is her fav colour.

    It was lovely to see some very old friends again and be present when their son was getting married. The bride looked lovely too!
    P xx
    Many thanks for your lovely message Oops. Been away over the weekend attending a wedding in Berks. The weather could've been better (but also a lot worse)! Still pondering my choices as £200 for a 9k ring is a bit much p'haps. But have enjoyed wearing my first PD this weekend, nice to give it an outing.
    Take care, lovely to see you posting again.
    P xx
    Hi M,

    Their collections are coming on very nicely. One of them is even taking jewellery to bits and "remodelling " it herself. Her latest project is a necklace of mine . The string broke years ago and she is now thinking of making several pairs of earrings for all her school friends!

    We've had a bit of a time of things since we came back home from our holiday too! And now, I'm in the process of clearing everything out of my parents' house as it has now been sold. Not a pleasant way to spend the summer. The children are either being roped in to help from time to time or are having to amuse themselves as I am working to a tight timescale now!

    I haven't bought any bling recently but am keeping an eye open for a nice loose stone to replace a horrid, chipped stone in a ring I have already. No hurry, but if I see one I like, I'll nab it!

    Hasn't the weather been dreadful...I share your wish for some more sunshine!

    Love F xx
    I saw you post a week or two ago and have only just realised it's you, Mel!! Doh! Had a lot on my mind recently..well, that's my excuse for not being quick on the uptake!!

    Hope you are well.

    P xx
    Think I'm going bonkers .... again!! :thinking2:

    I'm certain I saw a picture of your rainbow sapphire necklace last night and now it's gone! :confused2:

    Was it there? .... or should I call the men in green coats to come and take me away?

    Anyway, the necklace I saw (or think I saw) is absolutely gorgeous!! :clapping:

    Ann xxx


    The day after yesterday's message.

    Phew I'm safe from the men in green coats .... at least for today!

    I found the pic!! How come I never see little beauties like that when I'm watching? If you tell me it's white gold I won't feel quite so jealous. lol

    Good news .... Scott (from Regency) has just phoned and said he doesn't think there'll be a prob with resizing my PT.

    Ann xx
    Ooooh trilliant Rubellite earrings ..... gorgeous!! I would love to see a photo when you've had them made. And a rainbow Sapphire necklace sounds amazing!! Link? Pretty please. I'm sure your Moissanite earrings are lovely too .... never seen it in real life but people on the forum speak highly about it and that's good enough for me.

    Not really sure about my tanzy yet ... it's a 7x5mm (0.92ct) and am thinking about having it set east/west with a princess cut diamond on each side. Something simple.

    The PT loose gem isn't a brilliant speciman but it is my favourite swimming pool blue colour and being a cabochon cut it's just a little different. If my ring can be re-sized I'll probably go for a pendant.

    Hope you got the rocks for your rockery .... gem encrusted? lol

    We've had 24 hours of continuous rain and it's been miserable. R's been a hero and taken Freddie out twice and they've come home soaked to the skin both times.

    Speak again soon

    Ann xxx
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