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  • Hiya (what shall I call you now?) :)

    Just found my pal Melusina had disappeared and now I have an Oops-a Daisy instead! It is you.......isn't it??? :D

    Hope all is well with you as I haven't seen you post very much recently, we seem to have lost a few of the old regulars along the way.......lovely ladies all!

    I haven't bought much at all recently, just a set of yellow diamond pieces from Gems in the spring, but have taken a leaf out of their book and had some very useful advice from the Beady Belles and having a go at making my own beady things. Very satisfying indeed!

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you just now.

    Love and best wishes

    Pamela xx
    Looks like a keeper then! lol

    Fingers crossed Regency can resize it. It's a P but they made a lovely job of resizing my other rings and at least 2 of them were a size P so hopefully it'll be OK.

    Don't know if you know but a lot of the new Rocks rings come in a range of sizes .... size 5 (equivalent to a J/K) is still a little too big for me but it means I'll have more choice now. Not sure if that's a good thing or not!

    I've also bought 2 loose gems ... a cushion cut Tanzy (too much wine that night but I love cushion cuts!) and a cabachon PT. Steve has a new site called Gem Collector that should be up and running in Aug and peeps can send their loose (Rocks) gems and get them set in a design of their choice. Oh 'eck!!

    And, no, there's nothing left on my wishlist ..... at the mo. lol

    I have bought a lot of Rocks' necklaces ... love 'em all and the prices were ridiculously low.

    How about you? Have you spent your dosh on any bling recently?

    Ann xxx
    Hi again Margot

    I really thought I was going bonkers when I saw your new/old name on "my friends" page .. couldn't understand where Melusina had disappeared to and where Ooops-a-daisy had come from.

    Have just taken a photo of my PT for you ... usual rubbish pic, sorry.

    2.4gms 18K YG
    0.48ct PT (6x4 pear cut)
    22 diddy diamonds

    I think the colour saturation is pretty good, there is a tiny window but not too noticeable and the price .... £99 (£145 on CR) Keeper or not? Honest opinion please.

    Freddie has had his first birthday ... he's still a little tinker but absolutely adorable and makes us laugh ever day.

    I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time ... hope things have improved now and am very relieved your puss is OK. Our pets are such a worry aren't they?

    Ann xxx
    Now you've got me totally confused!

    When did you become Oops-a-daisy? :blush:

    Ann xxx
    :hi: Hi Margot,

    Haven't seen you posting for ages :sad: hope you're OK.

    A PT ring from Rocks arrived today ... it's not perfect but the best one I've had from either Rocks or Gems and a very good price so it might just be a keeper. :nod:

    Ann xxx
    Hi Margot,

    Popping in to say hello and that I hope you are well. I haven't bumped into you on the forum or at Rocks for a while. Have you been treating yourself to anything fabulous lately?

    I've been kept busy with the children being off school for the Easter holidays and trying to persuade my diligent son (!) to revise for his exams which are fast approaching! (Fighting a losing battle there I'm afraid!) Still showing a variety of viewers and time-wasters round my late mum's house..not pleasant. Will be glad in a way when I can move on from this.

    Love Fi xx
    Hi Margot,
    Thanks so much for your kind message on the thread about me and your supportive words, much appreciated.
    I hope you are okay and that life is treating you well.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I thought I'd shown you a pic of Freddie wearing his lampshade, Margot.

    This was taken the day after his op .... poor little soul looks sooo miserable doesn't he?

    They are absolutely gorgeous, Margot!

    We had pussy cats until Rob found out he was allergic to them and we couldn't have another. I suppose they did make him wheeze a bit but ....!!

    Freddie is fine, thank you. He's a lovely little dog and great company. All our hard work is beginning to pay off ... he still loves to go off and play with his "friends" on the beach but comes straight back when we call him. Phew!!

    This photo was taken just about 2 weeks after his "nuts" op when he was a happy little chappy again.

    A xx
    Margot, I've just noticed your avatar! Are they your pussies? They are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Ann xx
    Hi Margot,
    OMG that's awful re: computer virus! I must update my virus software this year - I think it's out of date - I'm a bit lax about that at times! My computer isn't great as it is but I can't really afford a new one so must look into it! Blooming freezing here today - hope it's not too bad where you are xx
    Hi Margot, Thanks for the Happy New Year message and apologies for my tardiness in replying - didn't manage to get online over Christmas and on my last day at work some thieving toe rag nicked my purse (think it was a builder) so was trying to get cards cancelled. Hope you had a great christmas and new year. xxxx
    I've still got a photo on Photobucket I think from when I bought it and posted it, so I'll put another photo up when it can be worn officially. 6.5 months to go!
    Yes that's right! He still doesn't know that I bought it well in advance so that will be a surprise! (A good job he doesn't read the forum) LOL.
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