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  • Absolutely beautiful ...... you've definitely got a lovely pair there! lol

    The PT ring is ditched!! I only got a glimpse when it was auctioned so don't know how true the photo is to the actual colour ... could well be one of Gems' colour enhanced masterpieces!!
    My pleasure ... looking forward to our chats too!

    Lyn is sooooo naughty isn't she?

    Haven't bought anything from Gems for ages ... think my btm is stuck to my cushion on the wagon. lol

    This PT ring did drop into my basket on Saturday http://www.gemstv.co.uk/Shop/productDataSheet.jsp?productid=126166&menuselection=0
    but I'm going to dump it because an 8x6mm gem is really too big for my finger and I know I'd just end up sending it back.

    Your birthday pendant is stunning. When are we going to see the ring?

    Ann xx
    Well they say patience is a virtue! Besides which, I can't wear it yet because I still haven't confessed to OH that I've bought it! It seemed a wise thing to buy well in advance to get it before prices go up but he would no doubt think I was crackers.
    Thank you for taking the trouble to admire my new toy. They are very nice earrings, you're right but I was expecting danglies....
    Morning Margot
    You're up early on a Sunday!

    bit late I know!

    Did we miss your birthday hun? When was/is it? L. x
    Thanks for the card yesterday with the dog hovering over the cake! It's next year I can wear the Tanzie ring Melusina - I bought it 2 years in advance of my 25th wedding anniversary so still have some time to go but I do try it on regularly! LOL
    I'm being good Margot and forcing myself to stay on the wagon, sadly that means avoiding all the gorgeous temptation in the Gems forum lol! x
    Well fancy you being up this way, you could have called in for a cuppa LOL. Sorry about your ankle that will teach you to look where you're going! I'm glad you enjoyed it though the lakes are beautiful I love Penrith and Keswick, my dad used to live near Keswick at the bottom of Skiddaw. We are going to Bourton on the Water for two nights then seven nights in Wells so that we can take the little man to Longleat, Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge. We are going the end of July.
    Hope your ankle is healing OK lots of love Dawn xxx
    Hi Melusina, thanks for the request it's nice to be wanted lol. I hope you and yours are well.
    Love BJ xxx
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