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  • Hi Denise
    Hope you are well. It's Leeds on Saturday and I've remembered that was the show where there was a possibility we might see each other! If you will be there, could you let me know the details I'll need to try to find you? I think the catalogues may be split into groups this year to save on printing costs as my pass says gundog on it. If you will be there I'll have a look at my pass (downstairs in my diary) and PM you with it.
    Hi Denise
    I only really know Pointer people in Scotland who give tickets so could do the group. Geraldine O'Driscoll may be able to help your friend with ideas but probably won't want to do it herself (depending when it is) because she's judging Gamekeeper classes at Crufts and the breed at Border Union next summer. Tel 01890 830391. She may still be jetlagged as just back from NZ! Another person who may do it or assist is Pamela Tibbs (Raigmore) who is Tel 01499 600239. She's in Argyll. Doing breed at Leeds. Sorry can't think of anybody else off top of my head and am just dashing off to see Cicely's (Crookrise) puppies.
    Ria x
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