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    Hi OTR

    im okay thanks, lovely to hear from you. that will be nice for you visiting your mum and what lovely names of your friends children. aww bless Azann mummys boy awww.

    Its sounds like you are going to be well busy and living life to the full, I don't blame you
    Hope you have a lovely time at your freinds wedding and clever you doing your freinds nails bet she will look stunning! I love weddings!

    Enjoy yourself and have a good week Emma.

    Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:flower::flower::flower::flower:
    Your welcome OTR

    Aw well you do look young from your piccie and your hubby does too. You make a lovely couple and Im proud to have you as my friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi OTR,

    I was thinking about you yesterday wondering how your weekend went and if you had a nice time. I can imagine it was nice and peaceful at your mums if when you have rowdy neighbours at home. where I lived before was like that and then when I moved when i met hubby it was so peaceful, I could not get use to it in fact so got some little budgies. they can be a it noisy sometimes but they are quite good most of the time.

    Oh goody really pleased you have found new flat. If you paid a deposit on the place you are at now, you should get that back in full, so that will be good.Hope you dont have to pay too much to them, fingers crossed for you.

    weather is horrible here but at least i get out off sweeping away leaves. had a bad migraine this morning but its slowely shifting.

    Take care and have a good week. Hope your move goes well, its always exciting moving to a new place!. Love and hugs to you and Paul Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi emma,

    You are most welcome anytime! That will be nice visiting your mum. Hope you have a lovely time and rest too. Love and hugs to you and hubby and your mum.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there

    I have left you some info on the Marks and spencer flower thread. Hope it helps. Hope you are okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Please to hear the weather is lovely where you are. Its certainly worth it to be outin the garden on a sunny day. its not too bad here, we dont have any sun but its very mild, not long got back from the food shop.im off out tonight with my friend so looking forward to that. Hope you have a lovely weekend Emma. Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You look beautiful OTR.

    Dont worry to much about the keys dilema. I think PPC advice is very good. Hope you get things sorted out. have a good week my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Glad you loved it OTR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    awww well let me see if mine turns up by the weekend and if not I will let you know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    have a good week! xxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you for excepting my friends request Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi thanks for the message :) Maisie*Daisy is the name of our mad scottie dog as pictured lol. She was 5 yesterday and is a very naughty pup but we love her to bits lol. We had a westie for 12 years and said we would never get another dog when he passed away. We managed a month then went out and got our little Mais.Its never a dull moment with a scottie about lol
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