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    Brilliant Strato
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    Keep it up Strato, we all need a laugh at the moment.
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    I think that I need to go on that programm Ten Years Younger to fool people that I am under 70 and can still go out! I cancelled a two week cruise around the Med and Canaries this week. I have a credit with P&O to rebook before December next year, so let's hope they don't go bust before then...
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    Phase Eight TSV 4/3/20

    I saw Catherine Huntley wearing the bright yellow version and I'm afraid it didn't do her any favours. It clung around her middle and she was obviously aware of it because she held an Ipad infront of it the whole time despite not using it. Maybe a size bigger would have been better but I still...
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    Invisible Diamonique stone?

    I know the website team can sometimes make mistakes but....take a look at item 626413 ! Who took the photo, thought it was OK and then put it up on the site. Description says that the ring has a 3.4ct diamonique tension cut stone set into the ring. Surely someone would notice that it had...
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    Pipa engaged!

    Pipa has announced on her website that she has got engaged to a fella she knew 22 years ago. There is a photo of her ring and a piccy of the happy couple. Congratulations to them both, I hope they will be very happy together!
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    Tiana b tsv 30/1/13

    Found this if anyone is interested Sweater knit dress Item no. 105 599 QVC price 42.00, TSV price 29.30 + 3.95 pp Hopefully someone could post a link for me, I'm rubbish at the techie stuff ! I'm not keen on this offering myself, not very inspiring for a TSV. I have a few Tiana B dresses...
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    OTO South Western Silver

    I think this may be the OTO at 11pm tonight, Item no: 670 037. choice of 3 options, blue lace agate, rhodonite or peach aventurine stretch bracelet. Hope someone could do a link for me. Pandora x

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