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    Brands we’ve lost that America still has

    I have seen them come up for sale on ebay occasionally Strato. Might be worth a look if you are still interested.
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    Brands we’ve lost that America still has

    I bought one of the full length mirror jewellery cabinets years ago and it's probably one of my best purchases from QVC, holds all my silver jewellery and nothing has ever tarnished when kept in there. Those were the days when QVC used to sell useful and unusual stuff.
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    Brands we’ve lost that America still has

    I bought a Viva Las Vegas ring off eBay this week for a bargain price of £111.00. It’s a beautiful ring with lots of different colours of sapphire. It’s a ring that I always admired when it appeared on QVC but couldn’t justify at the time. What with it being in my exact size I couldn’t resist it...
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    L’occitane TSV 13/03/21

    I have to agree, especially about the constant application by the model of the face cream to the point of making her face look like an oil slick! I do like the Divine cream and have noticed an improvement to my skin over time but that demonstration would put a first time purchaser off buying it...
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    I think he looks like he has let someone have a go at it with the garden shears!
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    Do you have any propolis from SBC Lati as I've found it brilliant for any skin iritation. I use it for psoriasis flare ups connected to my arthritis, but have used it for different problems for family. My son uses it sometimes for eczema and my husband for post operation wounds, obviously not on...
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    I did at the time think that I would put my credit card on the site instead but then thought I prefer to pay with my debit card and if they don't accept that when i have used it with no problems with other retailers with no problem then I am not prepared to jump through hoops to buy from them...
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    Thanks Glamourkitty that is exactly what my bank told me,but QVC still won't budge. Oh well their loss is my gain!
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    Well I ordered this TSV on 17th September and noticed that it was still in process yesterday and hadn't even been dispatched, no comunication from QVC so I phoned today to query it and was told that my debit card had been declined. I have spent far too much time on the phone with my bank today...
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    Beauty Loves with Revamp TSV 18/09/20

    Well I've ordered it having read reviews on various sites. I may regret it but will give it a good trial when it arrives and will report back what I think! My current air styler is years old and not working well lately so worth a try. I think any new hair styler needs practice to get a good...
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    I think this is very impressive

    Thank you Alter for the reply. Useful info from you and Strato.
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    I think this is very impressive

    I'm sure nobody would be offended by your post Alter. Maybe you might be able to answer a question for me which I've often wondered about. I have a Blue Badge as I need a wheelchair for any distance, use crutches around the house mostly but can do a few steps on a good day, wheelchair on worst...
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    Attitude By Renee TSV 22/07/20

    The mother wearing her 11 year old's dress as a top perfectly sums this TSV up. It looked ridiculous on presenters and models alike, but no doubt the 'fans' will buy it! As for the rest of us it raises a smile to start the day.
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    Lola Rose Jewellery Designs TSV 08/07/20

    Sounds lovely Brissles!
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    Lola Rose Jewellery Designs TSV 08/07/20

    I couldn't make my mind up between the jewel mix and the mother of pearl, total opposites I know but drawn to both. I'll decide which one to keep when they arrive, or I might keep both as I still haven't spent birthday money I got in April ! I've had two holidays cancelled this year and a pick...

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