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    Ideal World put up for sale

    now that Aurelius are in the driving seat will they reissue the Peter Simon figurine? (Gold plated this time?)
  2. Paul_s

    Just for you Wirral... Lola dances keeping her clothes on this time. :mysmilie_12:
  3. Paul_s

    Ocean Tree Trading...

    no longer trading... have I missed something? Sorry if someone has mentioned it already but looks as though they are gone!
  4. Paul_s

    fao: Liana, news presenter

    ITN are currently looking for a science correspondant & Health Editor (applications close this week!) You're talented for both! Benefits; You won't have to work with Peter Simon anymore on the late shift
  5. Paul_s

    Christmas has come to Bid adverts...

    Do Bid know Christmas is over or are they starting earlier this year for Christmas 2014? :mysmilie_47: It's like the local Supermarkets stocking up on bloody Easter Eggs :grin:
  6. Paul_s

    Calling Ms. Brash

    Your art talents are wasted at Bid. | not applicable | not_applicable...
  7. Paul_s

    Where's the website gone?

    this is all I get too... probably a DNS/hosting issue somewhere along the line I'd imagine.
  8. Paul_s

    Tomb opened in quest to find 'Mona Lisa' There is no need to open a tomb dating back hundreds of years. The Mona Lisa is non other than Lisa Brash! :talking: I've added in a Thomas Kinkade picture for after thought and deliberation by our very own art expert in the field - Wirral :happy:
  9. Paul_s

    Bid/Price-drop presenter specialists 'in a known field'

    Let's have a hall of fame list; Mike Mason - Knows about Sound and how it works (theory as well as practical), Electricals. Lisa Brash - Art. James Russell - Jewellery. Peter Simon - Fashion (cough), Art, Yonanas, back massager, everything else. Peter Sherlock - Fragrances. Guy Kean - How...
  10. Paul_s

    Stephen Gayford paints Mike Mason?

  11. Paul_s

    Ocean Tree trading?

    As one of Sit-up's subsidiary companies... How come it's set as 'non-trading' when they have a full time eBay operation?
  12. Paul_s

    Peter Simon's statue stolen, reward of 100 burgers offered.

    As many of us know Peter Simon used to work at McDonalds as Ronald McDonald. Legend has it that when he left this role a statue was made in his honour (not the specially commissioned item at Bid a year or so ago)... Well, someone has gone and nicked it...
  13. Paul_s

    Peter Simon's house and HS2? Worry Angels don't work it seems :confused:
  14. Paul_s

    Dear Mikey

    You're all wrong, Mike's 'Legendary'... :smirk:
  15. Paul_s

    More Lies from Bid - Deal of The Day on the Website

    they're obviously attempting to set a Guinness World record for how many complaints one shopping channel can have in a year? :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle:

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