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  • Hi Anne - do you happen to have the item number for the marcasite/blue topaz necklace that was on last night (daft me should have made a note of it! ;) )

    Sara x
    hiya honeybun xx sorry to hear you been stressed. hope things settle down for you soon and you can come back to posting properly soon.
    it's time we sorted a get-together sweetie - I'll PM you cos I'm overdue a visit to my old stamping ground as well as a trip west to see my bessie mate in Worthing :D
    thanks for your good wishes - we'll report back after the weekend which I reckon is going to be smashing. Just been cleaning some of my pieces and deciding what to wear - sadly nothing from CR as I havent purchased yet!
    ***hugs*** Sxx
    Hope you had a lovely birthday the other day Anne, have left a card for you on your birthday thread.

    S xx
    Hi Anne, hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday, sorry I tried to post a message 3 times and just kept getting the database error message.
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