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    Debbie Flint Instagram

    Thanks for answering. Took me ages to figure it out. And almost as long to use it.
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    Natasha Asghar QVC Presenter

    What do you mean is the vote made by members of the public? I live in South Wales and there are very few people of colour here. In fact the life I live I don't see anything other than white. Oh we have a black GP. But I don't see his colour I just see a doctor and a person. Natasha needs to...
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    Northern Nights TSV 6/5/21

    That is good. I've not been happy with my pillows for years. Had normal price ones, expensive ones and one I paid £50 for. Doesn't help that I'm a side and front sleeper, and now and again in my back. So I tend to use a memory foam neck pillow which is the cheapest but best option. Need to...
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    Periea TSV 04/05/21

    I usually get my worse migraines in May. And that is going back to the early 1990s. I have to hide from the bright sun. So it's glasses and a hat. Anything so the bright light stays away from me. But once when I was in Yorkshire it did snow in May.
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    Discover QVC TSV 31/05/21

    Bound to be a Dyson hairdryer in there. A denim jacket but can't call it denim. A crisp white shirt.
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    This Works TSV 3/5/21

    I've had this twice in beauty boxes and didn't like the smell at all. Did seto for sleep. Tried L'Occi, again small bottle. Liked the fragrance. Was a touch relaxing but don't think sleep was better. Asda baby sleep, fragrance OK but don't think sleep was any improved. Tried a slerp set...
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    QVC is back on Quidco

    Drinks on you? Six people from six households allowed to meet in Wales. So I was thinking there must be a pub right on the border, six of us could meet the Welsh side. I don't know the rules for England. I did have a chart at one point as it seemed easy. That was a very long time ago...
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    SBC TSV 30/04/21

    At least we've both had a good giggle. And really need one where we can pick one up these days. I fancy the Aussie wash as well. But thankfully they have the wipes, again (🙄). I hate those bad_word wipes. Thanks Andi. You have cheered me up.
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    SBC TSV 30/04/21

    You are there to help me not buy. Not put it in my basket for me and "hold my coat" when I "click it through". Naughty Andi. Naughty naughty.
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    SBC TSV 30/04/21

    For goodness sake I need NMcF urgently. Yes NEED. I have a 250ml bottle in use and two 100mls. There is 500ml waiting to be decanted. And still I want this. Whilst I hate honey, really really dislike it. Smells like vomit to me I really like SBC propolis. Strange. I have a one litre wash...
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    Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser Amazon <£80.00

    TSV October 2020 thread...
  12. PennyPitStop

    Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser Amazon <£80.00

    Looks like you do get the pod cups. Fancy this but not enough, yet.
  13. PennyPitStop

    Hotel chocolate velvetiser

    I've just posted about them on Amazon.
  14. PennyPitStop

    Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser Amazon <£80.00

    Had a message on the grapevine that this is currently reduced. Not read all the blurb, don't think it had the cups in it. Have a read for yourself. If you have this machine is it worth the usual £100+? Is it worth getting without the special pod cups? Are the dupes from Aldi/Lidl worth it...
  15. PennyPitStop

    QVC is back on Quidco

    Sorry but what is TCB? Edited... TCB? Top Cash Back? Not long woken and don't think I've heard of them🤔

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