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  • I'm really pleased you like it Jo. I do wear mine as it's 'soiled' otherwise it would stay in the box! It is a pretty ring and I'm glad I scratched it (on the low wall at the swimming baths) as it's seldom off now. Now you know why I'm called BC!
    I paid the same as you Jo then went and scratched the gold on the wall. Had to keep it then. :D (Might try that tactic again!)
    Morning Jo-Jo!!!


    Thanks for the 'welcome-back' message and again,
    a million thanks for my gorgeous birthday card and pressy!

    .... I'm going to have that diamond set in a pendant!!! [IMG]

    Can you email me the wedding pics link again please Jo?
    Never got to see them 'cos of my PC nightmare!! [IMG]
    Thanks sweetheart, I'll speak to you very soon xxx [IMG]
    Ah well done Fluff, the bling sounds lovely,( lovely 'special' friend and lend me your OH!!) not sure about the gardening bit....sounds like hard work to me!!! Rather do a stint of bling watching!!
    Hi Jo!

    I got a beautiful trilliant cut Kunzite pendant and a very pretty Sapphire one from a bonkers but very "special" friend

    My husband [IMG] gave me a lovely 18K chain/necklace .. very fine and delicate but quite ornate (sorry, I'm hopeless at descriptions)and matches a bracelet I always wear plus a load of vouchers to spend in any number of shops in town.

    And my brother and sis in law gave me 2 pots, a big bag of compost and lots of daffodil and tulip bulbs. [IMG]

    I hope you had a lovely holiday!!
    Rocks has changed a lot - my buying has to stop now as I'm totally skint & have loads of boring sensible stuff that needs my money lol. I'm not sure what I think about the changes yet though.....
    Have fun looking!
    Hi Jo, just perusing the forum and I saw your message flagged. Many thanks for your good wishes for yesterday. I was going to contact you anyway to say that I 'confessed' to OH re the PD and he liked it so much......he's made a contribution to its cost - as my b'day present! So I was able to wear it out last night....with pride. :D

    How about you? ;)

    S xx
    Many congratulations for last week from me also. I had no idea you were going to be MOTB. Hope you all had a wonderful and very memorable day, you'll be thrilled when all the photos come through.

    My DD and I still reminisce very fondly about her wedding day (three years ago next week). Unfortunately it was pre Gems days so it was pearls in YG for me!
    Oh Jo, just seen your Daughter got married last week. Congratulations to you all and I hope you had a lovely day. (What bling did you wear? Your pinkie?).
    Think it was the couple of glasses of wine that did it. Hicc! I even forgot to do the quiz yesterday! Mind you, given that it was USA sport it made little difference. I've just done today's on the same subject and as they say in "Top Gun" - I crashed and burned.
    My cousins live just outside Dublin too and I always enjoy my visits. I flew with Ryanair and it was £0.00 for the actual flights!! Too good an offer to refuse!

    Lovely tan? Nah! I'm as brown as a sheet!! I always go for a "fake bake" before I go and look brown for a couple of days and then come home whiter than when I arrived! lol
    Thanks Jo, it's good to be back!

    Mr Fluffy (lol) and I had 2 glorious weeks in Kefalonia, went for one and stayed for two!!
    And I just flew back from Dublin last night after spending a few days with my favourite cousins.
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