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    I think its time TJC commission someone to create some decent music to play at the start of the action, pre plunge and after plunge, or start using Shop LC's music which is actually very good. That awful one that they keep playing after plunge/final price/clock which only lasts 30 seconds is so...
  2. Phill

    Shop LC

    I have to say watching Shop LC and then TJC, the production is not good on TJC • No music at the start of the auction • No music post plunge • Terrible final price music that they used to use from the clearance event years ago which lasts about 3 mins • Locking the phone lines-this is not...
  3. Phill

    Gem Hunter Tony Diniz on TJC

    whats going on here? Him and his brothers must have fell out with R&C, but i thought they owned it? I wonder whether his gem hunter friends Don and Kfir will be joining him?
  4. Phill

    Moving to Sky 652

    Just to let you all know that on 01/04/2015 TJC is moving to Sky Channel 652
  5. Phill

    Snatch It returns

    On Equal world there is a scrolling banner at the top of the screen: 'Snatch it! Returns to tv - tune in from 9am on Monday for amazing auction deals' So does this mean that Equal World is closing and we get snatch-it back, that is great news as we are missing a general merchandise auction channel
  6. Phill

    Black Friday

    As Gems Tv did black Friday last year, I hope TJC will be doing black Friday this year on the 28th November, last pay check before Christmas and probably some amazing deals to be had. I'm sure they can contact their sister channel the LC in america to steal all the black friday ideas! I have...
  7. Phill

    Victoria Showers

    Great to see victoria showers back on our screens, have not seen her on TJC since 2010 and then IBUY before that which closed in 2008
  8. Phill

    Checking out

    I don't know if TJC realise, but when they say please check out your basket online, that we can't actually check out our basket until the auction has closed on TV. This is so annoying that i have to wait 25 minutes waiting for the DOD to finish on TV before I can check out, why can't we just...
  9. Phill

    no signal sky

    Not sure if it's the storms, but can't seam to get a signal on TJC on sky, all the other channels seam to be okay. Tried to view the feed on the web, but its like car crash tv, the audio is fine, but the picture freezing every 2 seconds had to turn of.
  10. Phill

    Phone number

    TJC really need to change their phone number to a free number and start being more competitive. Its three main competitors all have free phone numbers, but TJC is still charging us on an 0844 number! QVC freephone 0800 50 40 30 Rocks & Co freephone 0800 107 3535 Gems tv free from all phones...
  11. Phill


    This channel has disappeared from sky this morning, website still up though!
  12. Phill

    Gems Tv to move to Sky channel 645

    Gems tv is to move on Sky to channel 645 from the 10th of June
  13. Phill

    Laura Schofield

    So nice to watch Laura Schofield's show this morning, such a relaxing presenter to watch, good work!
  14. Phill

    Unsatisfactory Service

    I have been a customer of TJC since the beginning and I have to say the service as of late has been far less than impressive! Firstly I ordered a loose Ruby gemstone Oct 17.4 x 10.80mm 16.280 Cts. When the item arrived a week later, the gem box had been opened and resealed with a loose Ruby...
  15. Phill

    New Studio

    I really like the new studio on TJC, they can change the background colour and its so big and spacious which reminds me of the very old price-drop studio the way it is in a curved shape! What i also like is when they show the who studio from the ceiling like they do on rocks and co so we can...

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