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  • don't comfort shop - we know that doesn't really help. lets plan something fun & frugal instead
    Hi there, Still not used the Field of Flowers yet, I am pleased to know its more of a fruity smell, think I will like it. The Buffing wash, I would say you can use every day really, as it's not a highly exfoliating product, it has just has small granules in it, and the lovely smell as always, it leaves you skin very smooth. I really like it. xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there, Glad its not just my jar that smells, lol. Yes it seems to seperate a bit as well. Yes I will defo keep that lid on the jar then. The texture is really nice though it has made me skin seem less oily, as I have the oily T Zone. Glad I inspired you . I am doing the microdelivery peel once a week, and also the moisture mask. i am going to slot it in with my Liz Earle.

    My Philosophy "Field of Flowers" came today, have you tried that one at all. It smells lovely but not tried it yet, as I showered after my fitness today in the Amazing Grace Buffing wash which is lovely followed by the body Butter and lastly the Fragrance.

    came home from work early today - after about 45 mins. Was bored so figured paying would let me in to talk to you. Thought that would please you!
    Hi Fiona,

    Just to let you know my "Hope in a Jar" and the Mask has arrived. I have used them straight away lol. I really like the mask, but the cream has a odd smell to it. I looked on the QVC website and the reviews do say that it smells strange! Apart from the stench lol I love the texture and feel of the cream, its fab. It really made my skin look glowing and I have only used it this morning! Did you find your's smelt a bit strong?

    Take Care, and hope you are ok Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxx

    Hi philosophy girl, thanks for your little message. I've not been posting on the forum recently.
    Lots of love, Aries. x x x
    The Salsa classes are for 14wks so after that will do gym 3 days .... well thats my plan and also doing sponsored bike ride for a work charity on 19th April so when weather gets better will try to prepare for that 15 miles its going to kill me lol
    What do you suggest weights i should do ?
    Hi Fiona

    Will need your help again soon lol am joining the gym next week and salsa classes :)

    I need to lose 3 stone by Sept with your help mind lol and if i dont al blame you lol
    Only joking
    What afre my chances of losing 3 stone ?

    Love Dani xxx
    PS I never knew using weights burns more calories lol
    No worries hope you got lots of goodies too and had a nice Christmas and new year :)
    Yes that easypay comes in handy!!!! Can't wait! I will let you know how I get on.xxxxxxx
    Thanks Fiona, thats really helped me I have just added the HIAJ to my basket, its on easypay as well, so because of that I am able to order the mask too, both in my basket!
    off to check out. I love the Microdelivery peel crystals it smells lemoney and love the warm feeling it leaves when activated . Thanks for that! xxxxxxxxx
    Oh Fiona meant to say I had a Philosophy kit for Christmas its item 225540 with the Microdelivery peel in. I love Liz Earle but I tried this for the first time as it was a present from my friend, and its a fab product. Can you recommend to me what Moisturiser can I use with this kit from Philosophy. I have combination skin with a oily T zone. Thanks xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Fiona, Thats quite alright, as long as you are ok, It's always nice to hear from you. Didn't think I had spotted you much on St, you were missed!

    Yes thank you I loved all my presents. I have used a nice nail polish from the OPI collection the "Red for Roldolph" and that is fab looking forward to working my way through all my new Nail Polishes,but you can't wear them all at once can you. Pity!
    Have not worn my Butler and Wilson jazzy earings yet though.

    Hope you had some lovely pressies for Christmas Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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