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  • Hi Fiona Hope you have a fabbie cruise chick cant wait to hear all about it expecially the upgrade ..lol You could of fitted me in your case us being bessie mates but heyhow ;) Take care Love Dani xx
    Hi Fiona! OOps. Just posted a visitor message instead of a PM!! Will try again!!!

    Hi Fiona

    Thank you for the lovely message. We had a good today, it was very quiet, very quiet indeed. My brother has gone to my sisters with all the presents and the food. He is taking the Digital camera he got me for christmas to take piccies and a video of them opening their presents so at leats we will get to see them doing that. I cannot moan really as there are peole with no family at all or don't get to see them. It was just a shock that it happened last minute and so close to christmas as well.

    Hope you had a lovely day. I like your thread on presents but you never put what you got. I hope you got lots of lovely goodies.

    Helen xxxxx

    Merry Chrismas Fiona hope you and yours have a fab one .. all the best for 2010 x

    Love Dani xxx
    Hi Fiona,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you only good things for 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Hi Fiona,
    Not spoken to you for ages and just wanted to stop by and say hello.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Oooh fab. Funnily enough we are just back off the Derren Brown cruise to Bruges and Lehavre - it was just 3 nights but leave on Thurs for Miami for a Caribbean cruise. So looking forward to it. Off to read your report - you are right I don't visit here much these days. Spend too much time on FB and Twitter lol. Speak soon Fiona xxx
    Gawd sorry sweetheart - keep forgetting to look here lol. No I have moved nearer my job. Got a lovely place with a balcony overlooking the river and it is idyllic. Stewart is gradually winding down at his job and is going to be spending one week out of four here- increasing that to two weeks etc until he completely retires and moves in next autumn.

    How are you? xx
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