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  • Yes we did have a great time. No probs about the 10th. Your mum is much more important. I hope she feels better after having it done. I'm away in October lol. I can see we will meet in 2010 at this rate lol.
    I will try to weaken Chris so he too will be like Mr L and wear as he is told lol, I have years of work ahead of me!
    Hi PAL :) The jackets from Lands End were great, Chris was pernickety and only kept one of them and sent two back but they were fantastic, no questions asked and the money refunded to my card with no problems.

    I'd definitely order from them again, thanks for the recommendation.

    The wedding is all planned, and I'm really looking forward to it now, only 84 days to go!!! Invitations are all posted and all I need now is for everything I have ordered to arrived to come.

    Well done on losing so much weight, you must look and feel fantastic xxxx
    Poo, it seems the picture I sent was too big, just a message wishing you a lovely weekend - don't spend too much on rocks.!
    Hiya, did you have a nice time in York ?????? It is a lovely day here today. I babysat my 2 grandkids (springer spaniels) last night. So we were in delamere forest bright and early this morning. So much nicer in this weather.I hope we get some good weather for next week. Bye the way. I have booked for Budapest for next march (with best mate ). Got a good deal on flights. Well I hope you are having a good weekend.
    Oh what a shame. My OH was only saying before he went to work that the meet had been called off. We were there about 5 years ago same time. I love York. We always eat at the Italian in the shambles. You will have to let me know if it is still there lol. I have only been to the hairdressers with my daughter today. She has been ultra good so I let her have a few highlights and it cost me £45 for the sake of lol and they are only on one side of her head (new style) AND I got it cheap lol. My subdued purple is a bit of a brighter purple. I am not sure whether I like it now. My hairdresser (goddaughter) has said she will sort it if I really get to hate it.

    I am off to the cotswolds next week. So I will leave it until after then. Do have a lovely day in York tomorow. I am quite jealous. Never mind about the outfit. Look on the bright side. You will have to sort somewhere else to wear it lol lol . Carol XXXXXXX
    lol lol a subdued purple I may say. I have to say I know nothing of hens and poultry. Once when I was about 10 a mate brought his pet into school. It happened to be a hen. I can't remember her name but I was the only girl that petted that hen and picked her up. I like hens. XX
    I sort of did it. My hair has now gone from a mid reddy, coppery brown ????? to a dark brown around the sides with a splodge (technical term ) of purple on top. I quite like it lol. Well if the colour holds you will see it lol. My hairdresser said reds, plums, PURPLES wash out quite quickly. I may be pink when we meet lol
    Morning, You off on wednesday aswell then lol???? I am just off to get my hair cut and coloured. I fancy a change and I don't know whether I am brave enough. I used to be a different colour every week but then I was in my 20's lol. Carol X
    Ahh. I am lucky as Percy loves going on his jollies to my sons house. He travels very well. If we go away just for a couple of days my two sons come and spend time with him here. He is a very spoilt parrot and he knows it lol.

    I know what you mean about the drier. Me too and the heating.
    That sounds bliddy fab. There is another on my list lol. Percy is the little darlings name. Yes he does talk. He's mine lol. Not as good as an african grey, but he gets there. Isn't the weather yukky ? Carol. XXX
    It's not my bird, but it is the spitting image of him. South Africa not heard of many people choosing there as a holiday destination. Where abouts do you usually go ?? Hey you do like the unusual don't you. XXX
    Hi, just popped in find out how you are doing ??? I have booked for Tenerife in October lol lol. Where are you off to next ??
    Ahh ! youth is wasted on the young. Mum and dad plus myself just working class. Dad got early retirement come redundancy money. That helped greatly to them having holidays and a good life etc. My siblings and myself then have inherited that. Hence the money to be able to do what I have done just recently (not Las vegas).
    You are redeemed. Unfortunately she has been a widow or some years. However she has a brilliant social life mixing with life long mates in the same situation. She is never in and I plan to be just like her. My OH despares. I actually don't get on with my mother in law (very long story) and he sees me not only turning into my mum but my mother in law aswell.
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