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    Judith Williams Beauty TSV 12/08/21

    Have hardly watched QVC recently and have cut right back on purchases this year. However I’ve gone for it, as well as the MB set of 4 hand washes recently. That’s my lot for a while.
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    Axel Ruth

    Oh no - I have just read this news. I am a frequent browser and an infrequent poster, but wanted to add my sadness to hear about Axel. He was a pleasure to listen to with his soft calm voice explaining the products. So young to have gone.
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    Michael Perry Garden TSV 07/03/21

    F Plants2Gardens are def the best of the bunch on QVC. I bought their TSV the last few years and the plants have been a good size and done really well. I have succumbed to the similar offer this year, although it wasn’t a TSV. I’ve also bought from them direct and taken advantage of free...
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    Most liked and disliked presenters on QVC?

    Glen seems to have got a new job modelling John Lewis menswear. Or it’s someone who looks remarkably like him. Maybe he has always done some modelling and I have never noticed before.
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    Molton Brown TSV 11/12/20

    Absolutely! It’s lovely and warming when you are feeling a bit cold or fluey in the Winter and equally fab after a hot sweaty afternoon of gardening when it freshens you. It’s one I always keep in the stash.
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    Pantomime Time

    I don’t tend to remark on presenters on here but I’m amazed Katy Pemberton is a stylist. Some women have the knack of looking good even if they wore a sack - well imo she has the reverse talent of making anything look cheap (or common as my dear Mum would have said).
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    Frank Usher On Style 3pm

    I agree - she was completely hyper and incredibly irritating. I turned her off too.
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    Molton Brown TSV 04/10/20

    Much relieved I don’t fancy either of these sets, as I have far to much MB in my stash already. I have checked and it already includes Suede Orris and Rosa Absolute. I also have a bunch of small travel sizes from a set bought in the John Lewis sale after Christmas one year. I do like small sizes...
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    Alpha H founder Michelle passes away

    Sad to read this news - 57 is far to young to go. I liked her quiet calm presentations.
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    The new QVC app

    I hate it too - opened it yesterday and it was unrecognisable. I have no idea where to find recent on air items with a list of the day’s programmes. It used to be in a drop box in top right corner.

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