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  • Absolutely breathtaking Nic!! As I was watching him I was thinking about you watching him as well lol! Rafa's back to his very best and his serve is a really big weapon these days...ooh err. I'm so looking forward to the final but the nerves have started already. :bandit: It's been a great French for me this year, both the Williams brothers out early and Gitface didn't even reach the quarters :smirk:....utter bliss. :mysmilie_61: Sx
    Hi Sue. Just wanted to wish you and your family (including your cute Bengal babies) a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year.
    Hi Sue, hope you and all your menagerie are fit and well. I must admit I find myself thinking of your pussies :giggle: quite frequently especially whenever I see an active puss tearing about the place like your Lily and Harvey. Head bonks to them from me and mine. N x
    :mysmilie_849:Cheeky mare!! That's rich coming from you :grin: pot kettle and black spring to mind. :mysmilie_61: Been doing any good stalking lately hon?? :mysmilie_15:
    So glad to see you back PPC. Any chance you can persuade Argey and Yo to come back too?
    Lovely to see you back Sue, if its OK I'll send you a friendship request.
    Forum's just not the same without you, Argey and our Yo. Was so pleased to see you had re-registered. Best wishes....
    Pamela xxx
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