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  • Hiya Primrose, good to see you posting on ST, havent seen you for ages, I have my halo on just now as I have only bought 2 items from QVC this month which must be an all time record!!
    Hope you are well? Take care xx
    Hiya, nice to hear from you, sorry I havent replied sooner, had a lot on my mind but the end is in sight at college (for this year anyway) so cant wait.
    Hope you and your family are fine.
    Take care Rx
    Hope you will be feeling better soon Primrose and sorry my Happy Birthday Message seemed to exceed the bandwith so was removed, it was ok when i posted it so not sure what happened.
    Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a Good New Year
    Mmm, chocolate buttons sounds delicious! Things are good with me, thanks. Still trying to get organised for xmas, I've run out of steam! All of my presents are bought, I just can't be bothered wrapping anything! Will have to give myself a good talking to this weekend. Are you all set yet? x
    Hey Primrose! Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a lovely day. Did anyone make you a cake, or is that still just your job? lol! xxxx

    Happy Birthday Primrose

    Have a lovely day Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks primrose
    Sorry I havent replied sooner, DD had a lovely birthday, we went to see Mamma Mia which we all enjoyed.
    I prefer the summer AD to the spring one as well and have made a couple of cards with it, havent used the spring one yet.
    I am going back to college at the end of August for another year but hoping to get set up as self employed soon, will be starting off small but looking forward to it, its a bit scary but its what I really want to do :eek:
    Hope you and yours are well and have had a good weekend, Take care xx
    Just getting round to replying to these messages :eek:
    Thanks primrose, I am dead chuffed, got my certificate the other week and it was great to see it officially :D
    My DCWV AD arrived today, the same time as my friend arrived so havent looked at it yet but it is my DD's Birthday on Thursday so will have to get cracking with her card :eek:
    Hope you are well, Take care xx
    Hi, CT is back up and running wasn't sure if you knew. xx
    Work is going great, I am loving it, very busy but it has been so good for me, it's really helped me feel that I am me again (and I'd almost forgotten who that was). Now, all I have to do is lose 4.5stone and I really will be back to the old me!
    Hope you enjoy it I love Yankee candles.
    Yep, I had a really great time. Did nothing apart from laze about for 2 weeks. So glad to be back at work now though, lol! Treated myself to some new benefit make up today to cheer myself up, so it's not all bad.
    Lol, Primrose, as you will have gathered, I was on-line whilst I was munching my lunchtime sarnie, but have been busy working ever since!
    Hi Primrose, Yes I bought a Cuttlebug recently so am buying every embossing folder I can lay my hands on, then Penny Black stamps, Sugar Nellies and on and on.... How about you are you being good?
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