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  • Happy New Year Linda - I hope 2009 brings you all the good things you deserve xx
    Hey Linda, you are very welcome re my reply on the MP/TK Maxx thread!! Happy to help!! Did you see my reply about the Arran Aromatics? I was saying there is an AA shop in Princes Sq so maybe one day you will be able to pop in there and have a sniff!! ;) S x
    Hi Linda
    hope your over your cold. Ive just placed an order for more tarts, i havent even dented the first lot yet lol, but they were all xmas ones, so this time ive picked non-xmas ones to try.

    Are you all organised for xmas, ive done the majority of mine, just a few bits still to get then i can relax and enjoy the run up.
    Works xmas lunch is on 22nd and im trying to get my outfit sorted for that lol.

    You take care
    speak to you soon

    Ellen x
    Thankfully I was indoors too!!!! Yes our weather really is a bit odd these days!!!!
    Hope you weren't out in that monsoon type rain we had today!!! It was awful!!!! Hope you have had a nice weekend :)
    Hi Linda, sorry for delay in replying. I am not too bad thanks, the sunshine has been good, bit too humid for my liking but nice all the same. It is raining now so hopefully that will freshen things up a bit. How are you? S x
    awwww thankyou , linda
    for the messege ,thanks ime ok and i hope you are too xxx
    lovely weather weve had but my god its to hot for me cos of me fitness i cant enjoy it so much as i do when its cooler , any way its nice heareing from you ,
    take care linda love from karina , xxxx
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