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  • Hi RD, saw your earlier post on the 'free p&p thread' on QVC forum. I just found a number of Tiffany Lamps on the web which have free p&p today. Have posted on this thread with a shortcut to the relevant pages for you.

    Hope you get to see this (or the post) in time.

    HI RD, I received an email from Amazon re-reduced emu prices. Had a quick look and it's a good saving! At home until Tuesday then I'm off down to my Dads again. Hope you're well. Take Care xxx
    Wow thanks for that.Have to say not really a fan of uggs but noticed on a few sites that theres some good prices on those too! got my refund from qvc all ok,so its a lesson learnt! Hope you have a great weekend x
    Hi RD, Hope you have a lovely weekend! I got an email from Amazon this week re-new Emu ranges. No1 daughter is now the proud owner of the really long pair with the bits that can be left up or folded down for £180! Around £40 cheaper than QVC. Have a relaxing weekend!
    Hi RD! Well impressed with your lack of serious spending at QVC Towers:happy: I really love this forum as everyone is so friendly and it helps to put my QVC spending into perspective:blush:. Hope you;re having a good day!:hi::hi:
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