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    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    Thanks for that SF - I’ll check it out.
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    Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P

    Hi Silver Fox, What is the brand you are using that is working well for thinning limp hair? That’s my problem, I’m always keen on getting a recommendation from someone who has found something that works.
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    My perm story from the 80’s is that I went to the hairdresser with a picture of the dark haired girl from Bananarama and did the ‘make me look like that’ plea. It was supposed to have been a casual root perm, but she cut my hair too short for that, did a full perm and I emerged looking like...
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    Clinique TSV 28/09/21

    We’ll just to speak up in favour of the soap & especially the toner which I LOVE !!! It was the Clinique regime that finally cleared up my troublesome skin in my late teens. Im 63 now and still use the cleansing bar & the toner which I can’t be without. Yes China Girl, I remember Julia’s remark...
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    Charlie Brook - a bit on the snide side ?

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that about CB ? In the Kipling hour with Marie Francois he engineered some sort of in-joke between the two of them and they were trying to control their laughter ... all well & good, but it was done in a way that I feel makes the viewer feel excluded and...

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