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    Hey Redski, been on the Wiiiiiiiii yet? ;)

    Mwahhh, xxxx

    :D [IMG]

    Hi Red, Enjoy your weekend. Take Care Love Dazzler! xxxxxxx
    Hi Red, yes she is excited but a little nervous too! We've found a girl nearbyish, she will get the same bus and is in the same class, she went to her house the other day for tea so that is nice for both of them. My sister has sewn most of the labels in I think. We have a school account so I and my Mum on occasions donate money to it, so we bought the uniform out of that. I put some money into it every month by standing order, it's going to cost a fortune! x x x
    I know! :rolleyes:

    Ruined my joke, spoilt sport! :cool: :p

    Hi Red, hope you're OK. I believe your son will be starting his new school soon in September? Have you sorted all the new uniform out yet. My sister and I have been getting my niece's ready, blimey, it's costing a small fortune, blazer, tennis racket, hockey stick etc. Anyway, I've told her I've made a note of how much it's all cost and she can pay me back when she's older! lol x x x
    Morning Sweetpea,

    Fancy a cuppa?

    BYOB! :D
    thank you very much red for the lovely friends request, very much aprieciated, thanks so much love from karina
    Hi Red,

    Thank you for the friends request. I am honoured to be your friend. Take Care, Love Dazzler! xxxxx
    lol, I know that :rolleyes:, but you could always replace them with new pics!

    What? :p

    Just janking yer chain, Redski! xxxx
    Thanks to the handy edit function, you can always put them back ;).

    Especially the one where you called me your Nr.1 Friend! :p

    What? :D
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