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    Poor Anna Griffin!

    I know Q have dumped craft big time, but to put Anna Griffin on with Marverine and Sarah G was terrible! Sarah G in particular gabbled non stop over Anna and hadn't even bothered to do any research! Waffling about Anna being on Q in the US - in fact Anna dumped Q for HSN ages ago! Anna was very...
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    Paul Lavers Knitting!

    What a truly great sight it was to see Paul knitting and nattering on C&C, I'm glad he's back :grin:
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    Specs TSV

    I find this an odd TSV, no good to me as I don't need 'readers', I think you can pick these up from pounds shops though!
  4. Rentochops

    Carol Hochman TSV

    Has anyone gone for this? I am thinking about it, not sure if it's too girly?
  5. Rentochops

    Peachy Bums and Basques

    :happy: my hubbie's eyes are popping out of his head watching the model on the AVA Lover shape wear, good grief not sure if this is shape wear or bedroom wear, that models bum is very visible and well she has some knockers on her...:wonder: think I might turn over! He normally can't stand...
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    Tim Holtz on Advanced Orders TSV?

    Has a TSV ever been on advanced orders prior to an airing before? Tim Holtz's book doesn't come out until April so the TSV will be shipped w/c 2nd April! :dull: unreal! Me thinks they could've done better, but crafters will fly in droves to C&C where they haven't already after the last...
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    Flexi Bak

    I'm nearly 42 now and never had lower back pain until recently, has anyone tried the above product? I don't like the medication they have given me, but I've got a memory foam mattress, I have a special chair at work, but I was watching this and thought it looked interesting. Of course I...
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    Carol Hochman TSV

    I love Carol Hochman and as a consequence own far too many PJ sets, which I don't actually wear in bed but in the evening. I do think though that the prices seem to have gone up and today's TSV does seem pricey IMHO.
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    Antthony - what a nice fellow

    I'm just watching Antthony and his new range, and whilst it is a bit American and still quite polyester, you can tell he has had some training. He makes Glenn look like the amateur he is! He's one charming guy and even though Charlie last night described one of his outfits as looking like the...
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    Bibster on tomorrow

    Yup she really is with Mr Howard Griffiths, unlucky!
  11. Rentochops

    Dawn Bibby leaves QVC after 18 years

    Yes it is true, some will be glad, some not, but good luck to her I say!
  12. Rentochops

    Can you get onto the QVC website now?

    :confused: I can't - I'm on a Mac and using Safari?
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    Centigrade OTO

    I'm just watching this show and was tempted by the OTO coat for £25 - the I read the reviews - good grief how can they flog this coat with such dire reviews?:thinking: The P&P is only £3.45 too!
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    Reindeer Family are back

    ..yup on Christmas Crackers - how we have missed them! all we need now is the fleeces and some rope lights...
  15. Rentochops

    Another Daft Kitchen Gadget TSV

    :cheeky:Well from a TSV of over a £1000 - I just saw a quick look a the next one and it's some gadget that tells you when you fridge door is open etc......what next?

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