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    Merry Christmas to your and your family, HH sends Rosie a big lick

    HI ribbons.

    Awww thank you for posting on my Birthday thread - I had a lovely Birthday thanks you xxx
    Hi Liz, we've just got back from a med. cruise, been away 10 days. Had an absolutely wonderful time, so different from the summer trip, really enjoyed ourselves and everything about it. Thankfully Harry was fine too, hope you and Rosie are ok.
    Yes i think us slimmers must stick together LOL
    Just waiting for my lift to WW,will post in a couple of hours
    You are welcome Ribbons,, glad it made you smile.
    Oh NO, it never rains but it pours. Poor Rosie and poor you. Now down to the yuk! Is her poo just diarrhoea? With Harry's colitis, the first signs are usually absolutely rank farting, followed by straining, and producing splodgy poo, which if not treated immediately becomes bloody and slimy (sorry, too much info. I know!!) He doesn't usually know if it's coming out of him, just gets really upset if he messes in the house. He's had loads of courses of antibiotic, usually Metronidazole, which does knock it on the head really quickly, but bothers me that it's one course after another. First day complete starvation, then after that chicken & rice or pasta. He's been on this light diet for a couple of months now, as every time we try and start to reintroduce other food, it starts it off again. The vet has changed the medication to Salazopyrin, which also works really quickly. He's already been on the sensitive digestion dry food, Beta (from Pets at Home in Old Woking), and for a long time he was stable. MOMAD read an artical about Dorwood Tree Bark (which is 90% slippery elm) and told me about it, so I'm starting him on slippery elm twice a day. I've used it for IBS and it was magic, so I'll see if it does anything for him, if not I'll try the Dorwood Tree Bark, it's supposed to cure malabsorption problems. I've also started giving him sardines just to try and introduce some more goodness in to his diet, as I don't think he's really getting enough nutrition from the chicken and pasta, but don't know what else to do. Hope Rosie is feeling better soon. xxx
    So glad to hear Rosie is doing well. Unfortunately, Harry has been stable until today, I've just been out, and when I got back Colin said he's had another bout of the squits and he's phoned the vets for some tablets. We're going away on Monday for a week, so yet again my poor Mum and Dad are going to have to deal with it. Hopefully the tablets will have kicked in sufficiently to have started to clear the problem. It seems everytime we go away he gets ill, I don't think he knows as we've not packed yet, so I'd be surprised if it's that. He's still on a light diet, we haven't dared change it as it's been keeping him stable up till now. Oh well, he's just been clipped so it should make things easier for my Mum and Dad mess-wise.
    Hi Ribbons, just wondered how Rosie is doing? xx
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