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  • Hi Ribbons,I'm so glad that your news is good.Our manager at work has just been through the same ordeal,and she had a happy outcome as well.Love Marlene xx
    Hi Ribbons, so happy for for you that all is well with you and it's behind you now! :) Take care,

    Hi Ribbons, also wanted to send you some big hugs!

    It's a tough decision to make, go with your gut feeling.
    I wish you luck and will be thinking of you,

    Hi Ribbons,I just read your post so wanted to say big hugs are winging their way to you,it seems sometimes that everything goes wrong at the same time.My manager was recalled after her mammogram,went back yesterday and gets the results on Monday,so I understand how worrying this is for you.I can't make things any easier for you but just wanted to let you know that you are very much in my thoughts.Love Marlene xx
    Sorry Rosie's still not right, we're still having problems with Harry, he pooped all over Mum and Dad's car yesterday!!!! Op went well, and I'll be back on my feet next week, and back on the forum too. Have a good holiday, and hopefully Rosie will be fine - perhaps you could get a plastic tarp (WICKES used to do them for a couple of quid) to take to the in laws if they don't cope too well with spills.
    Hi Ribbons

    Hope you and your family have had a wonderful proud day today and the weather was kind at the most appropriate times! Hope you'll be continuing the celebrations through the week-end too. Congratulations and well done again to your daughter!

    Love BL xxxx
    Hi Ribbons

    Just in case I forget tomorrow, I wanted to say that I hope you have a lovely day on Friday and that you have the added bonus of much better weather than us. Still, even if it does pour down it will be a wonderful experience. Well done to your daughter, especially with her difficulties!

    Nicola studied at Manchester - she actually entered UMIST but just after she started her course the two universities in the city merged and that name was lost. Shame really as it is recognised world-wide. My husband and his two brothers also graduated from there so our Graduation Day brought back lots of good memories for him too. Mind you, Nicola did better than him though - he got a 2:1 in a Bachelors and Nicola's was a First in a Masters but he certainly doesn't bare any grudges......!!!

    Enjoy your proud moment, it's something very special.

    Love BL xx
    Thanks for letting me know Ribbons, I want mine to go in the gym we are having a very hard wearing wooden floor, but now you say this, It might be a good idea i f I place it on a mat. Sorry to hear about your carpet! I do hope it washes out ok xxx Hope you enjoy using it and it turns out to be a good piece of equipment xx Love Dazzler! xxx
    Yippee!!!!! Ribbons great!!!!! oh I am glad it looks a good sturdy piece of kit. Yes get some food first Ribbons and make sure you wait a hour or so before you start bouncing around or it might all come back up LOL

    Please let me know how you get on with it!!!! Take care enjoy your Lunch Love Dazzler! xxxx
    Hi Ribbons, Thank you for your request, it's a pleasure!
    Btw, love your avatar, always makes me wish I had hair like that!

    Hi Ribbons!
    This profile post will turn out to be a blessing - getting more lovely friends! Thank you so much for your friendship request - accepted with great pleasure! xxx
    Hello again Ribbons ,Yes it was a good point about these message pages and who can view them. I cat wait for my Urban rebounder to arrive either, it looks real good fun as well as keeping fit. I am a big believer of Fitness Equipment you name it I get it!! Let me know what you think when your's arrives Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi there Ribbons

    Thank you for the friends Request. I am honoured to be your friend. Glad we are all getting this message page thing sorted out by clicking the right buttons, so that Guests cannot view our personal conversations xxxx Hope you are having a lovely day so far.
    Take care Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ribbons

    Thank you so much for popping by and I'm sorry I'm only just getting back to you. Things have been rather hectic here for a few days as you can imagine and it's only today that I've got back into posting really apart from starting the Graduation thread late last night! Wednesday was a thoroughly enjoyable day apart from the awful weather, it virtually poured down all day which was such a shame. Sounds like you had a worse problem though trying to skirt floods, etc. last year and I really hope that your second attempt will be more successful next week. What did your daughter study?

    How lovely to give her some jewellery. Nicola had set her heart on a Rado watch and reckoned it would be her first major purchase, probably after Christmas following the commencement of full-time employment on 01/10. She doesn't need to wait though because we surprised her with it during a small family meal on Wednesday night and she was thrilled to bits!!

    Hope you enjoy your day as much as we did and the sun manages to shine for you. Still, even all the rain didn't dampen the celebrations for us really as we had our own little ray of sunshine didn't we?!

    Take care.

    Love BL xx
    Thanks Liz, hope Rosie get's sorted before you're off. Harry's got a full blown bout of colitis today, poor thing, so Mum & Dad are coming here to look after him.
    Poor Rosie and poor you, it's so worrying. We're off Saturday, and I think Harry is starting another bout of colitis. Very windy, very restless, which is usually a bad omen. Fortunately, I've got a dose of AB's from the vet as a standby, and will tell Mum and Dad to just keep him on a light diet while we're away, thank goodness my Mum doesn't mind cooking him chicken, rice & pasta. I hope you'll be able to get Rosie's dosage sorted, it suppose it'll be a question of trial and error till you hit the exact amount she needs to keep it under control. We're mad aren't we, they're more worry than kids, but we wouldn't be without them, would we?
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