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  • Just wanted to say I love your avatar picture.
    Is it your pet or just a picture you found?
    Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for this - hope we can support each other. I did my weigh in this morning - so will try to be good this week and will report any loss next tuesday.
    Have you being going long with your diet? It will be good to get some group support from here.
    Regards Rosey
    Hi, Sorry had not checked my mail - don't usually get messages - so didnt look. Had a busy weekend - my hubby's kids came for the weekend so with 4 kids in the house it gets manic (my 2 and his 2). Have had a busy week at work too. This weekend we will be building bedroom furniture as we are doing up the bedroom and putting in fitted wardrobes. This will be fun - we have just had hundreds of flat packed boxes arrive (great delivery - they delivered at 7 am on a saturday morning) - looks technical - a bit like doing a very big jigsaw. I think lots of swearing by my other half - I am good at supervising.

    Hope you had a good week - you doing anything good this weekend???
    Hi Yazrose,
    Thanks for your message. I so enjoy reading and joining in the 'friendly' banter on this forum. I would be glad to send your friendship request but at the moment cannot work out how to do this. Will have a better look tomorrow as it is late tonight and my brain does not work at this hour - not that it works at any hour! I am not very technical so if I cannot sort I will pm you to ask.
    Have a good evening. Rose x
    Hi rosey
    Thought I would pop in to say hello, hope you are enjoying your weekend and I like the message you left on the craig thread about men doing all the DIY while us women rest in bed.
    I have sent you a friendship request. Hope you don't mind.
    Yazrose xxx
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