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    I’m finding it

    I don't feel tempted by anything these days. Like others here, I used to spend a lot - Kim & Co, Honora especially as well as Laura Geller. I feel a bit embarrassed about it. I was drawn into the hype. I still have loads of LG makeup and have thrown loads out. All those TSV sets with products I...
  2. rosielinks

    Is Anna (?)

    It's just over time that Anna has become more hyper on QVC. I blame Chloe..... Both Anna and Nikki, I suspect, are very nice people.
  3. rosielinks

    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    I didn't realise any of this information regarding tanzanite. They certainly do not mention anything about this when they are selling it. You shouldn't really need to remove rings to wash your hands. It makes these stones very high maintenance.
  4. rosielinks

    Is Anna (?)

    I usually like Anna but I noticed the other day that she was very hyper and laughing loudly at just about everything. It was quite unsettling and exhausting to view. She does know her stuff but once you have heard it once or twice, you realise that she is very repetitive - almost speaking on a...
  5. rosielinks

    Diamonique Design Of The Month

    Yes QVC did sell Dower & Hall for a while. I purchased a silver chain with a starfish and small turquoise bead as pendants. It is still a very pleasing item.
  6. rosielinks

    Ruth Langsford TSV 27/2/21

    RL's designs don't look good on anyone, even the tall slim models. I can't believe the prices. I agree the long pendant necklaces she has started to promote are so uninspiring. She's even giving them the Lola Rose spiel about how they are lengthening and slim the body by drawing the eye down...
  7. rosielinks

    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    Your make up looks really good JoJo. I think it's great you are experimenting with different colours. So many of us stick to the same tried and trusted shades. I read a book on style by Joan Collins years ago and she said that you don't need to spend a fortune on eyeshadows, blushers and...
  8. rosielinks

    Lola Rose TSV 20/03/21

    I notice that the more natural looking stones e.g. Botswana agate, Montana agate and Eyestone seem to be more popular. They are always described as the sophisticated choice. The dyed stones can fade in sunlight and some, quite frankly, look a bit like plastic.
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    Julia R

    I have been on this forum for years. For years and years JR has been criticised for her high-handed manner and Queen Bee tendencies. She has always been vain and self-centred. I am sure she knows what people have been saying about her. She will put it all down to jealousy. She will never...
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    Julia Roberts and Valentines Day

    I know someone very similar to Julia. She is the queen bee of our golf club. I notice that everyone defers to her, flatters her, gives her lots of attention and she bestows her friendship on certain favoured people. She ensures that she always gets the best deal out of any situation and rides...
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    Claire sutton

    I remember seeing a show devoted to Claire after, say 10 years of being at QVC. She got a huge amount of appreciation, a cake and many fulsome compliments about her personality and style. I think she is/was very popular at the organisation. I believe she left to spend more time with her family -...
  12. rosielinks

    Getting on me nerves.

    I couldn't agree more. They do this with clothes too. "You can wear this with jeans, a crisp white shirt and a pair of pumps". Oh wow, I hadn't realised. The selling technique is so condescending.
  13. rosielinks

    Australian Bodycare TSV 03/02/21

    My husband and son really love the skin wash and QVC offers the best value on the web for it so I always buy it from them but the sets often include the wipes, which are a complete waste of time. I wish they would leave them out.
  14. rosielinks

    Chloe Everton

    I think she must be bored with peddling the same items month after month. I also don't think she likes Lola Rose much either - it's not really her style.
  15. rosielinks

    Licorice allsorts on fashion sets

    I was impressed with her efforts. She was brave to do it but it looks really good.

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