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    Hi Sal,
    Now see here, missus. I'm back on the forum and you're awol, it simply won't do...
    I hope that you're okay and that you come back here soon.

    Hi Sal, I know you haven't popped in for a while. If you do, just let me (and Puss) know you're ok. Take care.
    Hi Sal, just dropping by to say Hi and tell you Puss has been asking after you. Hope all's well.
    Sal, I've sent you a friendship request, us loonies should stick together! I found my forum buddies helped me through a dodgy patch earlier in the year, most of the lurve and support goes on behind the scenes so you know where we are...
    Hello - sorry have not replied or posted - circumstances beyond control! May not be on the forum for a while so I wish you a very peaceful new year.
    Hi Sal,
    Eeee, it's me, me pooter keeps going crook and I keep going awol.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas and send you all good wishes for 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Snuffles. I was speaking to iclaudipuss earlier and she was wondering if all is well with you as she hasn't seen you about much lately. Her PC is very unreliable at the moment so I am acting as messenger! Hope you're ok and just busy. xx Nessie
    yoohoo Sal,
    I bring greetings from the Archbishop Desmond Pilchard along with a soupcon of anchovy paste to see you through the nippy winter months.
    Ta ever so much for your pithy and witty comments on the thinkathon for yolathon wotsit, always gratefully received and acted upon.
    Hope you're okay and your chesticles has settled down a wee bit now. If not, I'm sure you will be able to relate to the piccy below:

    Eee, wot a life, flower!
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Morning Sal,
    Just checking in to see how your Chest is, so to Hope you are feeling much better now, it's horrible when your breathing is affected I don't suffer but Frank did really badly before we moved here and now he has had nothing I'm pleased to say. People say not, but of course the Weather and the Air Quality are a major factor.
    Anyway, keep well Sal. Hope everyone else are O.K. Had any of Joe's Washing yet.??
    Love and best wishes. Patsy xxxxxxxx
    Hey Sal,
    You know a woman who sounds like a cross between Fenella Fielding and Arthur Mullard, and you call me the most inspirational woman you have ever met???? Eeee, I think you've made the wrong choice there, like...
    I like the sound of your line in greens...Add that to my line in browns, and we should get a result. Woof!
    Hi Sal,
    I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering right now, you poor wee toots. I sympathise and empathise with the asthma situation, mine is awful right now and it's so yucky to be dealing with it all the time, isn't it? I really envy people who aren't asthmatic, it must be lovely to be just able to breathe without all the wheezing and hoohah that goes with our type of chesticles. Oooer missus... If your John survives that salad, can you pop a bit more Vicks in it and send it to me to do a minor experiment on Thing...
    You can always pm me, Sal, I love hearing from you. I don't get many pms these days, I used to get masses! Think people just read the latest shenanigans on the thinkathon thread. Crikey, my life resembles a poor quality soap opera these days...

    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sal,
    Just me popping in to say yoohoo and hoping you are okay.
    Lots of love from yer old mucker, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Sal,
    Hope you get sorted out I think chest things always hang around for ages. Now Joe, when I said challenge, I meant the PUB......... they all usually go crazy the first few months before they have to knuckle down.... The weather here is just the best now my perfect time right through to Spring, don't like the Summer, too Hot.
    Keep well Sal.
    Love and best wishes. Patsyxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sal,
    Just popped in to see how you are feeling now, much better I hope. What news from Joe, enjoying the challenge.?
    Love and best wishes. Patsy xxxxxxx
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