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  • can't wait to run my hands through that mohican!! wow but you're a good-looker lol

    I on the other hand am sporting a bluddy belisha (sp) beacon cos Rocky bless him was cuddling me and wagged a stray paw which caught my nose and eye last night - I look like I've spent the night in the drunk tank after a bar brawl aaaaaaagh
    Hey Sammi hun, how ya doin'?
    All is more or less well with me, a bit stressy and busy, but I'll get through it!
    I've been a bit lazy about posting recently, I think it's all been getting a bit much and I didn't want to turn into one of those people who post all their whinges!
    Anyhow, well done on winning the CR prize hun, I was really intrigued by the whole idea, can't wait to hear all about it.
    How's the new job going? I seriously hope they have a little more appreciation for you than the last chap! And of course if they're funding the gems habit, can't be all bad...!
    Kissy kissy!
    And kitty hugs from the menagerie!
    Re smilies ...... I cherry picked a load from Photobucket, saved them to My Favourites and then copy and paste on here.

    Couldn't follow Graham's instructions.

    One of my current favourites:
    Poor ol' Mizgit .... I know you love 'im really! :D

    I'm sure you'll have lots of fun ;) as well as increasing your gem knowledge
    ... hope you've packed your swag bag!! :)
    Hi Fluff xx
    yep I'm over the shock sweetie - thanks for asking. None of the folks I've asked can make the trip, which is disappointing for them and for me. I've now spoken to Graham and he's going to offer the room I would have had up to the forum as I'm now going into a single room. I understand he's going to be there on Sunday as well so it will be great to finally meet The Man! Am dead excited now and must attend to some errands as I won't be around at all over the weekend.

    Sod's Law that I finally win a competition and can't give a mate a treat - and I certainly wasn't going to take Mizgit lol!
    good question Gillybean - am likely to be wearing outfits of black/white one day and coffee/tan the other, and black for the evening. So am thinking either pink kunzy/pink diamonds/rose quartz for one, and green/white/black diamonds for the other! Or the cognac diamonds....oh god decisions, decisions....

    Have been browsing the CR site and have my eye on atleast 3 pieces from their collections - will pray for a lottery win this weekend!
    Mornin' Sammi! Got over the shock yet? Have you decided on your companion for the weekend?
    Nooooo that wasn't a hint :D I didn't enter ... too far to travel.
    Brilliant that you won the CR competition, Sammi. It should be a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to hear all about it.
    Congrats on winning the CR competition, couldn't have gone to a more deserving winner. Have a wonderful time. :D
    Hiya Sammi. I'm well thanks, how are you flower? However, my hubby's sick and still in bed, which is worrying as he never gets ill. Trouble is, you never really know with men how bad it is, do you? ;)

    Hope the job is going well and you're settling in. I can't understand your co-workers not liking bling though!:eek: What is wrong with them?:rolleyes:

    I suppose I should catch up on some chores, but looking for gemstones on ebay sounds a lot more like fun! Enjoy your day off. Hope you have something nice planned. Love Margot xx
    hiya Madcow!! thanks for that lovely piccy of yourself. Love wot you've done with your hair darling :D :D :D
    Hi Sammi, Just thought I'd pop over and say hello, how are things with you? hows your job going?.. and how is your diet going, sorry if you have posted anything in the diet bit already but I've not looked in there.......(thinking about it i've not looked yet to see if the diet bit is there oopps LOL) i'm going to have go have a look now lol. xx
    What a great description Sammi,though it's not something I suffer from.I'm a straight after breakfast 7 days a week kind of girl.Now OH,that's a different story as he is often seen taking a copy of War & Peace into the smallest room with him.
    Things up here in the far north are tickety boo thanks for asking, M xx
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