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  • Hi Sammi,how are you and the Turk!!Lol,can't believe I didn't get the play on words,must be my age,and I've been through the menopause quite a while ago.I'm glad to have sorted myself out on the new forum,wasn't easy though.Love Marlene xx
    thanks very much Tia. it's always lovely sharing thoughts and friendship with fellow animal lovers!

    have a good weekend. Sxx
    Hi Sammi, Just popped in to say hello (Hola). I've been stressed just trying to get myself sorted on the site, poor Graham and Liam must have been going absolutely crazy with the whole thing, but very well done them.
    Love Patsy. xxxxxx
    Hi Sammi
    Hope you and your furry friends are doing well. I hope you don't mind I add you to my friends list, as I am always interested in your animal rights posts (in your other posts as well lol)
    xx take care
    Hi Sammi

    We're O.K. thanks and Maisie is recovering well. She's being very good with her scar areas now and not scratching much at all. Off to have the staples removed on Friday afternoon.

    Hope you and yours are all O.K.

    Love C xxxx
    hi girls xxx welcome back to the G zone lol.

    nice to start afresh eh?

    Erm what can I say Paula, but no I'm afraid!!
    Hi Sam, how are things going, job OK, weight still dropping off, we won't recognise you soon!!!
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