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    Hi Sara, Is it just me or is the quiz missing now? Not much chance of me winning it if I can't even find it....Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxx
    Hi Sara hope your well and thanks for starting some good threads Sue xx
    Aww thank you Sara for your friends request. I was a bit slow about coming back so someone else nabbed my name. lol I've now added a full stop after my name but it is me! Marion got confused too! lol
    Morning Sara
    Good to be back and in touch with friends. Have you started any music threads yet?
    Hi there,
    Don't seem to have my account fully activated yet, so no access to VIP lounge, (do they know who I am?). Hope to have things up and running by tomorrow. Hope you're okay, chuck. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    Oh yes, me too. Was afraid of being chucked off for over


    Sara, thanks for the friend request this morning.

    't was great fun today, wasn't

    Take care,

    Thanks Sara for the friends request am just glad we are all back missed everyone so much xxxx
    I've started a new cruisers clubs, called Ship Ahoy!
    I honestly don't know what I done I just fiddled and eventually it worked.
    I fiddled for ages but it keeps disappearing.
    Hi Sara hope your well and had a good weekend glad everythings up and running again have missed it. Sue xx
    Hey Jude - awww sorry to hear your day hasn't started too well - hopefully things can only get better for you - fingers crossed! :)

    Sara x
    Hi Sara, thanks for the friendship requiest...only 8:55 and I'm having a wobbley day already so I'm so glad this place is up and running again with all the lovely friends here. lots of love Jude xx
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