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    Returns Notifications

    They are now letting you know that they have received your returns (each item is advised individually) Excellent! :biggrin
  2. Sara


    Is it me - or do things only seem to reduce by a max of £2 now (haven't seen anything drop below £2 off)? Been watching quite a lot in the days and that seems to be the norm (but I guess could be different in the evening, when I'm not usually around?). So I guess winning at £1 is not happening...
  3. Sara

    Quick Query - Black Pearls?

    Received yet another delivery this morning and in it I have a black pearl necklace but they are not black, they are shades of grey - actually really pretty! :smile When I saw the necklace on screen, it looked black (the confirmation email photo made them look grey but some of their pics are a...
  4. Sara

    Quickie - Basket Size?

    Anyone know the max basket size they are allowing (would love to add another couple of things)? :smile Mine is - 8
  5. Sara


    Am I the first today? :lol I'm about to go out - so am not going to get the camera out now (and my pics are generally carp anyway!) - so will just use the Rocks links for now .... .... bit of a mixed bag really - couple I adore, some I'm disappointed with (on size!) and some to think about...
  6. Sara

    Jewellery Alterations (not re-sizing!) Question

    I don't wear earrings (too much of a coward to get my ears pierced! :blush) but I wondered if it's possible to get some earrings turned in to a pendant(s) - I know it will depend on the fastening, maybe? So the fastening would have to be removed and a bale popped on. There are a pair of...
  7. Sara

    Quick Small Query

    Checked out eight items earlier this afternoon and haven't received a confirmation email yet - before it's always been almost instantaneously. Is this normal now (a delay) - just want to check - before I send an email to Katherine. :smile
  8. Sara

    Amazing Cruise Holiday Show

    I was flicking around on the TV last night and came across this programme on IW - I don't watch IW at all these days but as I'm now hooked on cruises (only been on one though!) - it got my attention .... .... the one I saw was a Caribbean cruise with Fred Olsen (I think they were selling two...
  9. Sara


    Been watching quite a lot this afternoon - cos I love Steve as a presenter. It's his enthusiasm and totally relaxed, upbeat style - fabulous! :biggrin (they seem to be making some great prices on items as well - so well done them!)
  10. Sara

    Your Ring Size

    This is simply a poll (anonymous) to see the average ring size. Have put it in the section for their information! :smile Their are only a max of ten options I can post, if your size is not mentioned specifically, please specify what it is - oh and if you are male as well please post...
  11. Sara

    Kama Charm Necklace

    Bought one of these over the weekend for my eldest daughter and in the picture of it (and also on air) it has FIVE charms. Noticed today, in the details, when I checked out that it is being listed as only having THREE charms. Could someone who has this item please clarify? Thanks. :smile...
  12. Sara

    Glamour Under The Hammer

    I hate it! :lol:lol
  13. Sara

    Flattened Package Received

    Aaaargghhhh! Just received my package from Rocks and it is completely flattened - (will take a pic of the marcasite ring in a minute to show you :lol - I thought they had sent the wrong item). Obviously somewhere in transit the package has had a steamroller go over it ....... does anyone know...
  14. Sara

    Rocks TV Preview Catalogue

    See they only have eight items previewed per hour for this evening. Does this mean there will be more requests/other items - or are they going to eek out each item more? Have to admit I haven't watched as much since there have been ten items previewed in the catalogue per hour - if there...
  15. Sara

    Some Marcasite Pics

    Don't know what it is but the beauty of marcasite just doesn't come out on camera (you have to see it in the flesh!) :biggrin 1. Also have the matching bracelet. 2. This one looks dark in the pic but isn't. 3. 4. Bracelet - have the matching necklace but my sister-in-law has borrowed...

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