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  • Wishing you and your family and beautiful dogs a very happy Christmas Ria and may the new year bring you all good things. Love Margot xx

    Hi babe, you just beat me to it! I was working down my list lol
    Wishing you, your family and wee woofters a merry purrmuss!
    Hi Ria,
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you only good things in 2010.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Ria,
    Thanks so much for your message.
    Hope you are okay. Love the avatar!
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Denise

    Did you get to Leeds? It was such a beautiful day and lovely to see the red kites flying above the ring. The dogs enjoyed watching them too.

    I won't be at Birmingham because I'm having a hysterectomy on the 26 August so if you see one of my dogs in the catalogue she'll be shown but handled by my friend. I may be up and about and hope to make it at Darlington but relying on friends to drop me at the gate so I don't have to walk so far and to do the donkey work with carrying bags and holding dogs, etc. I've also organised 2 handlers! Quite a performance. I hadn't entered Driffield anyway. What about LKA?

    Hi Ria,

    You're right - it WAS Leeds we made plans for. I didn't find your message until today. Too Late, Too Late!!!!!

    Going to Birmingham? Won't be at Driffield because I'm going on holiday that day. Don't know about Darlington, because I found it too far to walk last year.

    hi Ria,
    thanks for the welcome back, I appreciate the good wishes.
    I hope that you are okay right now and that life is treating you kindly.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Yes, I should be at Leeds this year, all being well. We have quite a few judges that are good for us around the middle of the year so fingers crossed we have no seasons, false pregnancies, etc. for a change! Ria.
    Hello & Happy New Year Ria,

    Your messages to me were hidden in a part of the file I didn't get to before today, hence my silence! I DO wish they'd send the seven year old along with the technology!

    Anyhow,thanks for judge suggestions - I'll pass them on.

    We might have met at Westmorland show (I was asked to do hounds) but I had to turn it down.

    Possibly Leeds?

    All the best for 2009,


    That's so funny! Well, at least he doesn't have to worry about what to buy you now. See, you've done him a huge favour. lol When you get to wear it, please post a pic as I'd love to see it again. M xx
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