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  • Hi Margot
    I may get it valued when it is official that I have it! I haven't mentioned it yet to OH! He would have thought I was crazy to buy it 2 years in advance. As you say, I don't think I'd get the same quality from Gems at the moment. It's a stunning ring and I can't wait to be able to wear it.
    Ria x
    Hi again Ria

    Yes thanks, my bag finally showed up yesterday. I do admire your patience with your ring. You obviously love it though and it'll be worth the wait. I think you were wise to buy when you did before Gems changed their buyers! I don't think you'd find anything as nice these days. I don't know if you've had it valued yet, but I expect you'll be pleasantly surprised. I had my pendant valued and it came back over three times what I paid for it!

    Take care and good luck with the dieting. Margot xx
    Yes, the bag arrived on Thursday and I really love it! I'm putting it away until Christmas. The ring has to stay in hiding until July. I'm being extremely patient! I do keep trying it on though. :) Hope your Kipling has arrived by now. Ria x
    Hi there,
    Just stopping by to thank you for your kind and supportive comments on the thread about my situation, much appreciated. I hope you are okay. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ria, thanks for the lovely message. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby too xxx

    Hi Ria, Thank you so much for the lovely birthday wishes - I really appreciate it and it's so kind of you to think of me. I'm glad you enjoy reading my bizarre postings - I knew someone had to!!! Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks Ria. I bought it from a very lovely forum member.

    I know what you mean about leaving your dogs. I don't like going on holiday and leaving my cats, even though they stay at home and are well looked after! M xx
    How wonderful. I didn't realise you travelled overseas for shows. It must have been quite an accolade to be asked to judge in Seville and staying in a luxury spa hotel can't have been half bad either! Lucky you! Your dogs must be a joy to work with. M xx
    Wow, I didn't know you bred and showed dogs. It must be very rewarding. Do you go to the States for shows? M xx
    Absolutely Sarah! You should start looking for the matching set now before the prices go up again! Btw, I love the photo of you with your dog; he's so cute. M xx
    That did make me chuckle Sarah. Your OH is going to be so impressed when you tell him how much you've saved him by buying your Anniversary ring so well in advance! You'll have saved him so much, you'll be able to buy something else then when the time comes! lol M xx
    Hi Sarah. Wow, you're so good to wait until your 25th Wedding Anniversary next year to wear your beautiful ring, but it makes it that extra special doesn't it? At least you have it now and can admire it in the box every once in a while. I'm glad you had such a great birthday. Cor, the 'Wimbledon' cake sounds yummy! Margot xx
    My son took Bella on as a playmate for Crumpet. Bella was so scared, she practically walked under your feet on the lead. now she is running wild through the woods and jumping ditches, swimming (only in shallow streams) but she watches crumpet in the deepest of rivers. She is catching up quickly and it is lovely to watch.
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