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  • Happy Easter Sally-Anne,sorry it's a bit late in the day Love Margaret xxx

    Hi Sally-Anne,just want to wish you & your family a very happy & healthy 2009,love Margaret xxx

    I love Rotties. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your pup.

    I was very nervous about Millie. I used to have three dogs -- all cockers -- and Millie was the youngest, but frightfully jealous. So I thought she'd be annoyed about this interloper. But she's been amazingly -- I think the word is 'mature' -- about it all. Even when Lulu is on my knee, she wags her tail. There have been some punch-ups, Lulu is extremely annoying. But they're over quickly, and Millie doesn't hurt the pup, though the growling is terrifying. I think they have an instinct about small, weaker animals. Lulu follows Millie everywhere, which must be terribly annoying!
    I just saw your comment about Millie whistling, that's so funny, I only hope our two get on that well. We saw the new pup for the first time today, 4 weeks old and sooo cute. You forget how tiny they are and how your dog is going to be huge and daunting to them. (They're both Rotties). Fingers crossed we'll have some female bonding episodes quite soon!
    Hi Satis

    Sorry just noticed you have replied under your profile. Lovely to hear you've got a new dog. I hope that her and the coat will get on together. Have you posted any pics of her yet? If not would love to see those ears! You'll be off to France come December then?

    We're all doing great. I've got a black kitty of 10 weeks and amazingly the other two are getting along fine with her. Been spraying Feliway everywhere so don't know if that helped. I should be getting another rescue puss too, but am waiting on CPL to contact me about him. Poor little mite wasn't being looked after by the previous owner and I was feeding him and his brother until the woman (not what I call her!) got rid of them. The new owner (if there was one) didn't keep them in either and so CPL found one of them..goodness knows where the other is.

    Hope you are still relaxing back in your usual dept.

    Andie xx
    Hi Andie, how nice to hear from you. I've been doing a Big Difficult job, but am winding down now and about to go back to my home department, so I'm relaxing a bit.

    I should be going to France, but at the end of this week I am collecting a new puppy. She's a Cirneco dell'Etna -- which is a little whippety dog with huge ears, like the dogs you see on Egyptian tomb paintings. She won't have her rabies jab tested for three months, so I can't go anywhere for a bit. It will be worth it though. Hope Millie-the-Spaniel and The Coat aren't jealous!

    How are you? Is all well?

    Good to see you back on here Satis. Hope you are ok. Must be nearly time to take the animal coat walkies again with the change in the weather! I imagine you'll both be popping over to France again. Andie x
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