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    Happy Easter Sazza to you and your family. have a lovely weekend Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sara I'm not too bad at the minute thanks, a flare up of arthritis but nothing a months worth of drugs wont cure! I hope that you are well I have noticed that you have not been posting as much so hope that everything is okay with you and your mum.
    Qvc has really gone off the boil at the minute hasnt it? I mean those TSVs today were woeful, probably trying to get rid of old stock if you ask me!
    I am glad to grab a few minutes to peruse the forum at the minute as I am very conscious of missing if I dont logon!
    Take care Love Heather XXXXX
    It makes perfect sense, Sara.
    What a shame you were discharged from the balance therapy thing, I hope you get an appointment through quickly and that it helps. My balance has been affected by the chemo and I was sent to an ENT chap and spent ages discussing the changes I was undergoing. I don't think people realise how distressing balance and related issues can be, I really feel for you.
    Try to stay strong.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Aww, thanks Sara.
    It's been a rough few months, but I think I'm adapting to the changes brought about by the last procedure now. It can really hold you back, I think, to keep wishing that things were as they were, as it were!
    I hope that you're managing well with your health problems, I know that you have really difficult stuff to cope with and a lot of pain. You seem to keep very bright and positive and that's a real credit to you.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sara,
    Thanks so much for posting on the thread perdita started about me and for the lovely welcome back, much appreciated.
    I hope you are okay and that life is being kind to you right now.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Happy New Year Sazza. All the very best to you and your family for 2009. Lots of Love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Sara,
    All the best to you for 2009. Wishing you better health along the way too!
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Happy New Year Sazz, I hope it brings us both some better luck! If not then i'll be keeping you to that promise of drowning our sorrows in a bottle or two! xx

    *rushes in to give ya a big ol snog, love ya sazza, thank you for all your support in 2008, all the best for 2009, happy new year xxxx till we go shopping mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xxx
    Hi Sara thank you for your very kind wishes.

    I hope that you and your mum had a great Christmas and may I wish you both a healthy, happy and prosperous 2009.

    Keep up the good work on the forum!

    Love Heather XXXXX
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