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    LAB TSV 24/12/20

    There is a LAB TSV on 24th December
  2. Sazza

    Lulu's Time Bomb TSV 22/12/20

    There is a Lulu's Time Bomb TSV on 22nd December
  3. Sazza

    QVC Model Sharon Fifer

    So couple years back she suddenly sent Q customer a rude message on Instagram. Person had never interested with her so asked why she was saying this to her, got another mouthful of abuse and blocked her. Sharon's contract at Q wasn't renewed many months ago. Before July but she keeps taking to...
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    QVC Model Sharon Fifer

    Don't forget she is the model who sent a Q customer a nasty message on FB or Instagram out the blue, will have a look later and find the details.
  5. Sazza

    23/11/20 One Time Only Prices

    Here is correct link for Liz Earle OTO
  6. Sazza

    Korres TSV 27/11/20

    Available in 5 options, Blossom, Sea Salt, Golden Apple, Honeysuckle, and Peach Blossom.
  7. Sazza


    Many banks don't have this facility yet so still have no option but to go to branch.
  8. Sazza


    Not really surprising given most of the shops will be shut again in NI from end of week.
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    Frank Usher TSV 18/12/20

    There is a Frank Usher TSV on 18th December
  10. Sazza

    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    I thought BM had always used synthetic hair in their brushes :unsure:
  11. Sazza

    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    I think quite a number haven't bought or only bought one and not the planned two due to S&B saying it would be under £40 then it wasn't.
  12. Sazza

    Todays Top Tech TSV 22/11/20

    Arcade 1 Up Partycade 16.7" LCD Game Machine, 4 Games including Pacman Item Number 520886 QVC Price £249.00 TSV Price £198.96 P&P £5.95 3 Easy Pays of £66.32 Only currently available at QVC UK, the Partycade Games Machine from Arcade1UP comes in a compact size for a true at-home arcade...
  13. Sazza

    Tili TSV 14/12/20

    There is a Tili TSV on 14th December
  14. Sazza

    Alison Young

    I could see her top lip moving. She mentioned on social media yesterday that she had finally got a paper poppy, something has been tricky this year. It is still the week of Remembrance so not that unusual to see people still wearing them in the few days after the 11th.
  15. Sazza

    Cozee Home TSV 10/12/20

    There is a Cozee Home TSV on 10th December

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