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    TJC selling everything but jewellery?

    I wonder what they're playing at - selling food cleaning stuff cheap tacky clothing skincare tacky ornaments - are they phasing out jewellery i wonder?
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    Julia Roberts

    Well - i once worked with a girl called Beverly hills + my sister worked with a penny farthing! On the subject of queen Jules - i think she's lost the plot obviously has a magic mirror ! She needs to retire !
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    Help! How do you order from ideal world?

    Thank you very much for your help ! 👍
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    Julia Roberts

    I thought this post was about Julia Roberts!
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    Help! How do you order from ideal world?

    IV never ordered from ideal world before. Wanted to get an Emma mattress - on TV there's no phone number just a caption telling you to go to the emma mattress website ( which is selling it £200 more. ) On ideal world website you can watch live TV but nowhere to order it. When i tried to find it...
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    Julia Roberts

    Totally agree Evie + shopoholic - some people age disgracefully + JR sure is one of em. Not at all youthful in attitude + jealous of younger presenters imo.
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    Gemporia's New Sales Technique

    Oh rasping shouty Armwavy Hattie With your frantic manic screeching + your hair so ratty - poise + presentation is what you lack - watching you is hell as you're clearly having an asthma attack - you really shouldn't try N sell - go home calm down + get well.
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    Julia Roberts

    Sorry peeps JR is OLD way past the cute age middle age is 40 ( middle of life) JR is 60 - I'd say that's old coz no one lives to be 120 !!!
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    Tjc brooches

    If you are into brooches/pendants check out the tjcs £9.99 and £4.99 range VERY similar to B+W overpriced range at qvc.
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    Gemporia's New Sales Technique

    Back in the day gems sold good value jewellery well presented - now is all arm waving screechy lectures before you get a glimpse of the miniscule gem in a flimsy band magnified in a close up on the hand before quickly returning to the light box. It's not the quality it used to be i don't bother...
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    I notice TJC always pretend theyv gone too low and Gems theme is rarity and closed mines theyv been saying that for over 10years and still flogging tanzanite n sleeping beauty turquoise.i don't mind any of the presenters on tjc but can't stand the false manic euphoria displayed by gems presenters
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    Watching a painful embarrassed Derek on tjc having to put up with the shouty incoherent third world market trader speaking in very bad English - do they really think we are impressed? Enough people have complained about it small wonder presenters keep leaving it's soooo unprofessional and makes...
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    I agree - I give up with gems like you say - everything gone on preorder website is rubbish anyway and the bracelets and pendants are so miniscule look like they're made for a 3 year old. I can't stand Tjc buyers presenting so I don't bother to watch when they're on shouting in bad English that...
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    At least when you switch on tjc there's always a visual of what's for sale hopping between tjc and gems chat show tjc showed 5 items - I'm still waiting for anything to appear for sale on gems chat chat chat show!
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    Qvc presenters inappropriate dress

    Heehee fair dooz Yes but Kim would look good in a sack slim and good-looking - shame about the voice! Heehee each to their own!

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