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  • Hello Jackie,so nice to hear from you.Pleased to see you managed to sell and get back to Liverpool.
    The last 3 years have been hectic for us,we have moved to a flat in Woodland road,off Victoria Ave.Although quite new it had been rented out and needed loads done to it.We now have a grandson aged 2,my eldest daughter had him at 38,rather a shock as she didn't want children.The father and ourselves look after him while she works,and we find it really hard,he is good as gold but we are to old now for all this lol
    Maia is now 3,she is a real sweetheart,her mum won't be having more as Maia was a IVF baby.
    We are going to Ibiza with them next week,try to get a bit of warmth before the winter.
    Are you on face book,we could look at photos.
    Kindest regards Pauline
    Hi Jackie,did'nt realise you were selling your house.My eldest son works for Rightmove so is affected in his job with the housing market and knows a lot about what is going on.Youngest was a mortgage adviser with Darlows till made redundant in July,working as a dogs body for peanuts now in the Monmouthshire BS,it really is a nightmare.Middle son still has house on market but he only bought just over 2 years ago,and if he lowers his price any more he will not be able to clear his mortgage.We are going there(Celtic Horizons by Asda)every 3 days to check it is ok,which is another worry for us,but feel sorry for him his mortgage is huge and he has to pay his way in Stoke as well,what a nightmare!!
    Eldest house is the new ones off Corpa Rd he has been there 5 years so he is ok,having said that David always lands on his feet,he could sell sand to the arabs.Joseph in Stoke is academicly very bright but things never seem to go his way,strange how they are all so different.
    Where are you hoping to move to,the market has to improve at some time?
    What Curry place do you like on Malpas road,our favorite is the Indian Cottage but that is a take away.
    Went to Bath for the Xmas market in December,we used the park and ride.
    Have a great weekend
    Hi Jackie. I hope your weather is ok for your daughter to travel. It's freezing here and we still have the remains of Monday's snow, very icy in the morning if it's melted and refrozen! Any luck with your house? Love Penny xx
    Hi Jackie,congratulations on your grandaughter.I have 2 grandaughters,my sons girls,5&3.They live off Corporation road,my daughter is expecting a baby girl at easter and she lives next door.
    I am lucky(or not)that 4 of my children live in Newport,i have a son living in Stoke but he owns a house in Newport.Unfortunetly can't sell so is empty at the moment and up for let.It's a nightmare as we go there every couple of days to check it out.
    Hope you get to see Annabel again soon.I am sure you will enjoy your New Year celebrations with your daughter,are you going to Liverpool for them?
    Have a great New Year and speak again soon
    Hi Jackie
    I just popped by to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas. I hope you get to see your granddaughter over the holidays!
    Love Penny xx
    Hi Jackie. Well, firstly congratulations!!!! And yes ouch!!! My son was 6pound 7 ounce so 11 pound makes my eyes water! It's spooky really, I haven't been on much for a while and I was wondering about you the other day and then you leave a message! It means I'm a bit out of date with scandal too. I don't think it's just Wales where houses aren't selling, it's everywhere, one up from me has been for sale for over a year now. I was looking at Kipling bags on Monday too, not a Kipling shop though-well done on the free purse. Congratulations again on becoming a Gran. Love Penny xx
    Hi Jackie, I saw you'd been asking after the tarts-I can recommend them, I bought a sample bag a while ago. I only have a little oil burner with tea lights so I only use half a mini tart each time but the fragrance lasts for ages. If you want a hand on forum bits just shout, I'm not that techie but I can do avatars and stuff, didn't you use a scanner a while ago? I can't use one of those! Houses aren't selling here at the moment, I hope you sell yours quickly. Congratulations on the baby news-any idea if they know if it's a boy or girl yet? Speak soon, Penny xx
    Hi sweety, sorry just signed on today. Been cleaning the kitchen it was a right old mess lol Have emailed you the scent list, hope you got it okay. Its a word doc which you will need to click onto and download to your documents

    Hi Jackie
    I've not seen you on recently, but then I've not been about much myself, we must've just missed each other. How are you and how's the tech bits coming on? I'm getting there, playing with avatars and smilies. I hope you are ok. Penny xx
    Hi Jackie

    A pm is a private messagfe, you send on by going into your user cp and clicking send new message and typing the persons userrname in the box that pops up.
    Am gonna send you one now, look where it says under your name, it should say private messages 1

    talk soon xxxx
    Thanks for accepting my friends request.
    Jackie was it you that lived in Newport,my memory is rubbish LOL
    Yes I shut down early too. Ended up reading the Big Brother site and blog........then went to bed......how sad is that? Still no luck with house sale so bought a settee from Ikea to cheer myself up (been rattling around the house since Sept as I threw almost of my furniture out anticipating an imminent move. Kept telling visitors I liked minimalism but I caved in last week and got the settee!) Perhaps I should have just bought a few of the TSV garden recliners with the canopy and the LED light. ha ha!
    Hi Jackie, it's good it's back isn't it!! I can't believe how much I missed it too, even had an early night last night!! Penny xx
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