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    Hi Ele,
    Not seen you on here since I returned. Hope you are okay.

    Hi Ele! So glad to see you back. I hope all the family, home and away, are fine. We've had a nice holiday at my parents' and dad is doing fine, thank you for asking. I bet you've had a lovely time with everyone, especially with Francesca :) We had a minor accident due to weather and snow conditions, but we are fine. Love, Eve xxxxx
    Happy New Year, SS. Just popped in to see how you are. You are sorely missed on the forum. Eve xxxx
    Hi Ele,
    Hope all goes well for you in Italy and that you have a lovely christmas and new year.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Ele,
    Just a quick note to wish you a safe and pleasant journey for tomorrow. I hope you have a joyous time in Italy and a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Love, Eve xxxxxxxxxxxx :mysmilie_1543:
    hi Ele,
    Hope you are okay.
    Lots of love and a big cuddle for Francesca. Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Ele,
    What a lovely surprise! Thank you for your message and your kind wishes. We are looking forward to the party. I have prepared bags with treats for the children and prizes for the best dressed. A lot of screaming and excited kids tomorrow night. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend at your MIL's.
    Eve xxx
    Have a super time with your parents Ele! I'm sure they'll be spoiling you and be overjoyed to see the baby. Have a great weekend xxxx
    Hi Elle, Got back last night in time for a wee spend in the BCC event. Having to get stuck into the cleaning all morning so hopefully will catch up on the forum over the weekend. Hope you and family are all well. Take Care xxx
    Hi Ele! You are very welcome. Yes, I am back. Missed you, too. Ciao, Eve xxx
    Hi Ele,

    Thank you for your lovely message and for thinking of me. Hope you are okay and having a good week. I watched Suarti yesterday too and she had some lovely pieces. Lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele, you reminded me of when 'Lucretia' was born. She stopped growing at 36 weeks so was a very petite 5.5 lbs at birth. One night we put her next to a 13lb newborn in the nursery, what a contrast! I pmsl... She was a bad eater for some time, years probably and we had to visit the health visitor weekly, then fortnightly for 12 months. I knew she was healthy but it still worried me, her being my first. We moved and slipped through the HV net which actually took the pressure off. Her appetite soon picked up and now she's a bit of a gannet, dare I say like her Mum... As a positive from this, she stayed in the smaller cuter clothes for longer... Enjoy Francesca at what is a lovely age and try not to worry, she will turn out just fine. As a titch in height myself I have to agree with Puss, no kneecap is safe... xxx Nessie
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