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    Hi Ele,
    Try not to worry too much about Francesca's size. My mum was a teeny, tiny baby, and she never grew very much at all, but she was as tough and strong as a lion, and beautiful to boot. I'm sure that Francesca will develop at her own rate and be a beauty and a healthy, strong girl as well.

    Thanks for what you said about my humour, it's very sweet of you. To be honest, I;ve missed it, too. Sometimes it doesn't come so easily, but when it does, I always feel just that bit better.
    Yes, i certainly miss the computer when Thing commandeers it and tries to narrow my world, the so and so. I miss my pals when I can't get on, and you are one of my dearest friends, too.
    Lots of love, and please try not to stress, I'm sure that cutie pie will come on in leaps and bounds before you know it. And don't forget, we petite women are the best...
    Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele, sorry but I was eavesdropping on your post on Puss's page. My daughter was tiny and we had the rounds of health visitors etc when she was little. She stayed tiny in comparison to her peers until she started school but now she's caught up and is probably about how she should be. You'll never stop worrying about Francesca but I'm sure she'll catch up when she's ready. Good to see you settled back in. xxx Nessie

    Hi Ele, Hope you and Francesca are okay.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Good Morning SS just quickly popping in to see how you doing, hope you are ok and having a good week. Have to go now as am very busy with things. Enjoy your jewellery when it arrives and any other goodies you get. Love Dazzler! xxxxxxx
    Night night elle. Im going to get some rest to get rid of this cold once and for all

    You take care now sweet dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Lots of love Dazzler!

    speak again tomorrow I hope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele,

    Its lovely to hear from you, I have still got the cough sore throat and also my ear is blocked. It just needs to run its course I guess. Havent done any fitness for a week not been well enough as headaches and bunged up and been in bed quite a lot. Yes I did see the TSV I have something similar to that they keep changing the names of these things don't they?

    Hope you and your family are all okay

    Love and hugs Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Yolanda, I really wouldn't worry about being the baddie of the forum. I really can't see it happen!! I was just thinking the very same thing: I envy those who clearly have a life clear of real problems who can get so het up about absolutely trivial stuff... good for them I suppose, that nothing more serious is troubling their little heads!!
    Sorry to hear you're feeling grotting, let's hope the week ahead is going to be tough but more positive for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're blood has sorted itself out!
    Big hugs, and please really don't worry over the forum, those who know you know what you meant and share your view. Ele xxxx
    Hi Ele, Thank you, though I think I'm being painted as a bit of a baddie on the qvc forum, which makes me want to spit. I just wish I had so few problems that my life revolved around whether a shopping telly presenter was being criticised or not...
    Sorry to hear about your book chapter deadline, that's very stressful, and I've been there on many occasions. I hope that it all falls into place and you don't end up stressed to the max because of it.
    Lots of love and big kisses to you and the lovely Francesca, Yo.
    PS: No, I still feel grotty, but am trying to get in a bit of forum time before the trials of the coming week. Eek!
    Im at the coughing stage Ele. Still quite sore I guess these things have to run there course. I will take your advice though and leave wallpapering and DIY for today.

    Aw thanks so much for the ((((((hug))))) and same to you too!

    have a lovely day love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    HI SS

    Its going good I have just popped in for a drink . We have a lot to do SS but once one room is done we can move into that one. Alot of knocking walls through and new kitchen units loads going off but its slow but sure . Im really looking forward to the end result and cant wait! Hope you are okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks Ele, we did! My two sisters ( I have 3) were up visiting so it was lovely to catch up and have a laugh. Little monkeys were teasing me about my impending big birthday but I got my own back as I'm the youngest! Weightloss is a frame of mind I always think and it's nice to be spoilt and get some pampering - I'm sure you deserve it! Have a good week. xxxx:flower::flower::flower:
    Your welcome glad you loved the pup xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Thank you Ele, thats very kind of you to say so. Im so glad that I went in the end and I enjoyed myself too! Imjust waiting for this ring to arrive now for my aunt from QVc i upgraded the delivery but its a bit late on arriving. Fingers crossed it turns up soon

    have a fab week
    Love Dazzler! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Thank you ss for all your support on my thread about my aunt you are a lovely special lady xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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