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  • Hi Ele,hope you had a great time with your sister,i assume she has gone back now.I love to visit family,but when you have to leave it is just so sad!!!!!!!!!I bet it was worse for her having to leave the baby as well.Hope you enjoyed the visit.
    I love southern Italy,so different to the north.
    The 2 grandaughters are my sons and the baby is my daughters,she had an ectopic 12 years ago and had to have ivf for this baby,took 3 goes so i can't see her having anymore unless she wins the lottery.
    My husband is half Swedish,I had 5 children
    The eldest girl(36)is quite dark,then 2nd girl(33)very fair,then boy(31)very fair,then boy(28)he is mousey and like my dad was,then the last boy(24)is just italian through and through,much shorter than the other boys and very very dark with an Italian temper.All very different and you would not think they were related except the 2 that have the children,because they were very blond like there dad.
    I have bored you enough,hope Francesca is well.
    Pauline x
    Hi Ele, I bet she's a right little beauty : ) Hope you aren't feeling too tired and that your daughter is sleeping through the night. I'm feeling better in myself today (soory for whinging the other day!) - occasionally I just get v. annoyed with myself, but most of the time I coast along in a relatively happy mood. Glad to see you back again
    Hi Ele, Nice to see you back! Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the kind words - just having a bad day today, that's all - my ME/CFS is getting on top of me and I am getting very, very angry with myself for not being able to do what I want. Anyway, am I right in thinking you had a baby? IF so, congratulations.
    hi Ele, Thanks so much for the messages and good thoughts.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Ele,
    Thank you. You do enough by offering me support and friendship, so don't be worrying.
    Hope you and the lovely wee bairn are okay.
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele,i have put 2 photos in an album,hope you can find it on my page.Maia about 1 month ago and my other 2 grandaughters last month.
    My mother was born in naples in 1926 and moved to a town a little further south when she was about 5.My father was in the air force stationed near her home.He was on the beach in 1944 and mums sister(13)asked him if he had any food or cigarettes,he answered"have you any sisters" and that is how they met.
    Dad was working in a hospital nearby in the kitchens so was able to get the family some food.Strange how life turns out.They married in Italy in March 1946 and i was born over here in the December,and then 3 sisters and 1 brother followed her over the years,another sister went to New York.
    I have a great feeling for Italy,although i was born here i was concieved there and just love to go there.
    What part of Italy are you from?
    I think i have bored you enough LOL
    Hi Ele,
    Thanks so much!
    Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele,
    Thanks for your message. I am jsut glad both you and Francesca are well. Many things have happened while you were away, will list some when I have
    Things are fine at the moment, I am busy, the weather is too hot 39' today, cannot wait for the Autumn. I bet you wonder where your time goes now....
    Speak later. Love and best wishes. Patsy xxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele,yes babies seem to make the day brighter.My daughter lives next door so Maia comes into mine in the morning and goes back in the evening,my daughter has it quite easy,but my husband and i love it.I am half Italian and it feels right for the grandparents to take an active part,i am sure you would understand that!!!!!!!!!!
    Had a lovely time in New York,have a lot of my Italian family there and want my own kids(5 all grown up)to keep up the contact when i am gone.Just booked to go to Rome for 6 days in Nov,been a few times before but just love seeing it again.
    How are you coping with the baby?Maia is becoming very very noisy,and is just so nosey.I will try to send you a couple of pics.
    Take care
    :bow:Hi there sillysausage,

    Its good to have you back. I missed you!!! Congratulations on the baby awwwww xxxxx
    Im fine thank you, the extension is slow as we dont have the money in a chunk but we will get there, but on a positive note it will be all complete within three years thats the whole house everything. At the moment hubby is doing the gym room and that should not be too long now so looking forward to having that. im still pampering painting nails looking glam best I can and going out with friends and hubby so life is good.

    lots of love Dazzler! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Congratulations on the birth of Francesca,she is beautiful.So pleased to see you posting again,my daughter had a baby girl on April 19th and i thought you were due quite soon after her.When you stopped posting i thought something had gone wrong.
    Then Yolanda posted that you were ok.
    Best wishes
    Hi Ele,
    Just incase you pop in, just to let you know have been thinking about you and how you are. If you can let me know please. PM or e-mail me.
    Lots of Love and all Best Wishs. Patsy.xxxxxxxx
    Hi Ele,
    Auntie Patsy asking yo to PM me.
    Love xxxxx
    Hi Ele,
    Auntie Patsy just passing by, keep well, January and
    Speak soon.
    Auntie Patsy xxxxxx
    Wishing you all the best for 2009.
    Lots of love to you Ele, from Yolanda xxxxxxxxxxxx
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