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  • I think she still has the tickets but there will be no Irish team playing so she won't see O'Driscoll!!! It is a final between Toulouse and Biarritz! Will drop you a message re coffee in next few weeks! Where would suit you...i.e. where is your palace located and will the staff object to you having coffee that is brewed by someone else???? Hee Hee, Thanks for the phone number...placed an order and there seems to be a problem with it so I have to ring them or they will cancel!!! Sleep well hon XX
    Hiya Simone,thanks for the message x
    Didn't see Mitzi saying she's not going to France,aw what a shame.
    QVC's phone no from Eire?1800535949 if memory serves me right.
    Glad to hear you're working even if it's not full time,sure isn't it money at the end of the day?
    Would be lovely to meet for a coffee whenever you get a chance xxx
    Aw Sim,I'm sorry to hear you're not working atm
    Sadly,it's happening to lots of people atm.My niece's hubby has just lost his job with Sam Hire & he's been there yonks!
    They're expecting their 5th baby in May!!
    You're right,companies are really rude,how hard can it be to reply to people?
    Hope you get some good news soon xxx
    Hiya Sim & thank you for the good wishes x
    Yes,Donna had Lucas 4th Feb & he's a little dote.
    Everybody well here,thanks,hope you're ok too.
    Are you busy in work?
    Would you believe I only saw this message today!!! Hope things are well with you and yours! Off to Boston for a weekend at the end of the month...over to visit my uncle and his wife! A little shopping maybe..not much money this time but sure I am really looking forward to having a few days off work!
    Hi Sim,not seen you in ages,hope you're ok.Wishing you & yours a very happy 2009,love Margaret xxx

    Hiya Sim.Sorry for only getting back to you.Have been away with Donna for a few days in the Brook Lodge Hotel in Wicklow! Had a fab time lol
    QVC no from Eire

    1800 53 59 49

    Hope you're not working too hard

    Love Margaret xx
    Yoo Hoo Sim,how are you doing?I know,things are quite tough atm but what can we do?Have to pull the reins in,says she after spending a small fortune on QVC with BCC night & Beauty Day.
    Donna finished her course in May(Theatrical Make Up)& got her results last month & did very well.No plans on changing her job yet,still working as a Beauty Therapist in Tiger Lily & loving it,thank God.
    Catch you soon,Sim.Have a good week.Love Margaret xxx
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