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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    As was hearing about them (from forumites) for me....
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    It's a great 'treat yourself' brand with a lovely user experience - spells luxury - lovely packaging, (bathroom shelfie!) smells great (but perfumed). Prices are higher than Elemis recently increased prices, & the sizes are small. But you do feel special, as would anyone receiving as a gift...
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    I prefer the original, however the neroli is richer. I'm pretty sure there is an element of synthetic fragrance in there (despite being labelled originally as 'natural neroli') & that's what I'm not so keen on The orig is actually really nice imo, but some can't stand the omega smell. I'm...
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    You're absolutely right, but she is 2-3x much as other, very good, albeit 'non celebrity' (wtf??) facialists. With premises & products. Are her treatments 3x as good? I don't think so. She was charging £££ a good few years ago before she moved to the swish premises.
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    Haaaaa! You do that too then......Cackle! :devilish: A-ha, & migraine inducing 'body performance' * products. * Vom inducing= weight loss. Body performance - tick!
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    Molton Brown TSV 04/10/20

    How do you find the smell, Mr M? Is it geranium like? Would Mr B like it?
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    How can anyone with all that surgery who married les fail to have a sense of humour.....he he
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    while she 'strikes a pose'....... ....& adds the filter
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    Doll10 TSV 26/09/20

    That looks rather good.......
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    I can't feel sympathetic somehow though, at the prices she was charging out facials for. They were good, but not shamazing.....Skincare is overpriced too. With the likes of the low inkeys etalia, the consumer is more savvy, I feel.
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    Thanks for the fox poo tip...... I must get some sometime.....
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    14/09/20 - 20/09/20 Big Deals

    Hisssssssss🤣 Andi K, please report back upon receiving the samples. Serve your community!
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    Doll10 TSV 26/09/20

    Boring check
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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    Bound to be overnight facial with something...or maybe a duo, or maybe a morning & night version. I think she may be struggling in difficult times....
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    L'Occitane TSV 27/9/20

    Get on with it & stop typing...:D

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