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    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    Sorry to hear that you had a problem as well. Can you remember how long it was when you noticed that it had started to lose its sparkle?
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    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    It did state on the Anchorcert ring passport about being heat treated which I believe most Tanzanite stones are but Cobalt coating which is placed around the girdle of the stone to enhance the colour of lesser quality stones is not acceptable. I am not saying that mine had this cobalt treatment...
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    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    I have just found this article about cobalt treatment of tanzanite stones Hmmm looks a bit similar to what has happened to my stone. Surely QVC would not sell colour treated stones......or would they! I could not agree more!
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    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    I always take my rings off when I am doing anything that involves water or sanitiser but who knows and thank you so much for your suggestion. Ultrasonic cleaner I have not used just a very soft toothbrush to lightly brush it. Thank you for your reply much appreciated.
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    Tanzanite AAAA Ring Has Lost Its Vibrancy

    I purchased this ring on the 6th December last year and was so pleased with it I actually left a glowing review with photos on the 24th December. However since then the stone has lost its vibrancy, looks dull and has lost its fire. I have attached photos of it taken on the 24th December and one...
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    Chloe Everton

    Both of them are getting on my nerves shouting, laughing and screeching! Thank god part two of Corrie is on in a moment!
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    Meaco fan

    I cant say whether it is quieter than the Meaco fan but for me it is very quiet on level one and quiet on level 2. Not needed level 3 yet as the day after it arrived the mini heat wave ended :eek: Perfect for my needs and also has the sleep timer.
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    Meaco fan

    That's exactly what I do as well get the ideas from QVC and buy elsewhere ;)
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    Meaco fan

    I ordered this fan from Amazon It has a remote control, vertical and horizontal oscillation and other feaures that are the same as the Meaco but costs £68.99 with free next day delivery if you have...
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    How can I go ad free?

    Thank you Graham and I have paid for the VIP upgrade :)
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    How can I go ad free?

    Thank you for the information. I have not visited the site since I wrote the original post. I did email Graham 2 weeks but have not received a reply but have tried again using your link above. I would like to thank everyone who has offered help it really is much appreciated.
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    How can I go ad free?

    Thanks for the reply and just wondering how to contact Graham?
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    How can I go ad free?

    Can anyone tell me how to go ad free so fed up with all the adverts 🥺
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    Ruth Langsford's V Neck jumper

    I have just seen this jumper on air for £50 and I have purchased very similar from Amazon for £18! Great range of colours which are pretty much true to the colour's in the photos. I have a few different colours in both the v neck and scoop neck and find them a very flattering shape, good quality...
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    Luxury Jewellery 25/12/18

    Tanzanite Ring I was just wondering if any of you lovely people on here ordered the TSV tanzanite ring on the 25th December and if you did are you happy with it? Mine arrived yesterday...

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