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    Babyliss TSV 24/3/21

    I need a magic wand sort of gadget for mine
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    What is the point of shopping telly?

    I remember the QVC selection hours when you never knew what you were going to get and you’d see what ever they were touting used, measured and fully reported on. Didn‘t get clap trap, look at me, inane drivel talk over the expert twaddle you have to put up with now! I don’t watch anymore but do...
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    Aldi reading glasses Sunday 7 March

    The other photos show the tortoiseshell option
  4. Sooze

    Aldi reading glasses Sunday 7 March

    Yes they were I still have the branded case.
  5. Sooze

    Aldi reading glasses Sunday 7 March

    My favourite were my Jackie Kennedy sunglasses too. Unfortunately a rather large wave knocked them from my face and despite searching around (while wanting to thump my husband for laughing) they remained somewhere off the coast in Antigua. I’ve never found any that fit and cover as well so I’ll...
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    Molton Brown TSV 06/03/21

    @AndiK Thank you for this, I didn’t buy the black pepper but the pink pepper is gorgeous (not a fan of MB pink pepper either) also bought the orange and bergamot fragrance and the neroli jasmine and sea salt. Love them all xx
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    Tarte TSV 09/03/21

    I like this but I only want the auto delivery drop colours, wish it was the other way around.
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    Molton Brown TSV 06/03/21

    Well I’ve caved in and bought it, my first MB purchase since they came back to QVC! I love eucalyptus and remember enjoying blissful templetree in the past bonus there was nothing I disliked in the fresh option.
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    Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar

    I got the email today to say back in stock 5 minutes after email it had already gone again, oh well perhaps I’ve over shopped lately and it’s a hint!
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    Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar

    Looks like I was too slow :(
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    Bare Minerals TSV 21/11/20

    I found that but if I spritz with a face mist or toner after it does improve the look, give it a try and see if it works for you.
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    Carole Hochman sizing?

    I have quite a few things and even as a size 18/20 can get medium on. Large is best fit for me XL can be too roomy depending on style.
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    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    Ooh yes a Floral Street TSV bargain would be good I loved the neon rose too.
  14. Sooze

    Shay & Blue TSV 19/11/20

    Got my little black box today too all Framboise Noir. Did get the samples in BlackBerry Woods and Blacks club leather. Already have Atropa belladonna and I can’t take to black tulip (Sounds great when described but just something, I think it’s plum that doesn’t smell right on me - and I could...
  15. Sooze

    Aldi wine & fizz advent calendars limited stock

    Don’t believe the buy online only, I just saw them in store. Bit cross as I’d just bought online and I had to add bottles to get it to 6 As it wouldn’t let me check out!

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