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  • oh darling, thanks for asking.
    at least you are interested.
    i miss family, QVC/lol, the atmosphere here, the politeness, things 'work here', electricity,money to help people! i could go on. i would NOT have missed this chance to serve GOD/people!
    believe it or not, i love it!
    I'm good thanks Poppet, what do you miss in particular when you're overseas? Do you have a lot of catching up to do? Family, shopping etc? Not being nosey just interested... :D
    hi nessarose.
    i am back home in the uk, until the 15th november when i return to sierra leone.
    i am here to BEG for handouts, clothings, money, so that we have something to distribute at xmas to nthe poor.
    how are you?
    I thought a tennis thread may get you out of the woodwork... :D How are you? Everything going well?
    thank you nessarose.
    i am in sierra leone, but we have our home in london.
    i do need a break and will be heading back to the uk, for perhaps 2-3 weeks, before coming back out here.
    there's just too much that needs doing.
    mission work is not easy and is expensive, but glory to GOD for HIS mercies, enabling me to do it by HIS grace.
    yes, i have been watching THE FED since he was in his teens.
    i will never forget when he beat pistol pete at wimbledon! sweet!!
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